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Diwali Baking #3

This is a repeat cake. I know, what in the world am I doing, repeating recipes instead of trying new ones from the insanely huge list I have pending.
But I am not sorry for this.

38You see, I know a very sweet family who specialise in a love for honeycomb. And caramel. And cheesecake. And I think you know which cake I repeated. But I promise you won’t recognise it 😉

All curtains aside, do you remember the scary, oh so creepy spider cake? Oh my, it gives me shivers thinking about it (heavy sarcasm in my voice :D) – What I do actual feel are little tingles of pleasure when I think about this cake. Its richness, creaminess and overall edibility factor was enormous.

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Happy 16th Cheesecake, I mean Birthday 2011

Actually Written: 4th August 2011

Aaaah, my piece de resistance (sans accents!) for this party. Rich. velvety. Caramel.
Honeycomb. Cheesecake. The perfect end to a perfect night making a horror movie
not so scary but oh so Rich. velvety.


I cannot describe the texture and overall brilliance of
this cake. All I can tell you is that it finished at my party and my mum was
scraping the cake closh for crumbs because she loved it so – thank you for this recipe!

And my mum doesn’t adore cheesecake. Scary, I know… =D

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Dear me, I think I gained 5 kilos…

Actually Written: 28th September 2011

Please don’t be scared off this post! Let’s say (for my sake at least) that it is
holiday season, everyone gains weight then!

You see, my explanation is very simple. When you make fudge, you eat it. Is my
philosophy wrong? No? Didn’t think so.

Now, when you make caramel fudge, you do not eat it (don’t hit me yet) – You devour it.
You scrape the saucepan’s warm sweet not-put-in-pan-able leftovers. You watch the
fridge like a hawk for 2 hours. And when that fudge is set, you don’t even
bother cutting it up.

Hence the 5 kilos…


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