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My Big News

So I guess this was a long time coming, am I right?

For once, I am totally not going to beat around the bush, so guys… this is why I’ve been so busy…


It’s been my dream LITERALLY since year 8 to go on exchange, and for the past year, I’ve been planning it through my university’s exchange program. I was planning a year but a whole semester of travelling, meeting people and getting a full American college life experience? I am totally fine with that!

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World Nutella Day 2013

Agreeably, the day to commemorate the gooiest, chocolatiest, hazelnuttiest and most decadent breakfast spread in the world was actually a whole 5 days ago but better late than never right?


Oh who am I kidding, I celebrate Nutella just about everyday – or I would if the whole ‘fat’ thing was not an issue (people with metabolism, I am so glaring at you ;))

Anyhow, on Nutella Day, I celebrated by the simple spooning process. The fun and non-complicated method of stuffing the spoon into the jar (no less than 500g of course!) and slathering it with Nutella then licking it like an ice cream cone. But oh my god, it is actually better.


Did I bake something this year? I was planning to – honestly I was – but then my history sneaked up and clonked me on the head with a particularly large hammer and when I came back to my senses, I was sitting in my chair and it was already Sunday afternoon with school looming the next day. That subject is a sneaky one!

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CCU Undercover: Moo Gourmet Burgers

After the last classy, sophisticated walk through the sands, CCU needed a break. She came home that night to a dimly lit apartment, her stomach full and her food heart (yes, she has two hearts, one for loving food and one for loving people) content.

She kicked off her high heels, wishing for ugg boots and jeans on her next outing. ‘Who needs evening dresses?’ she thought to herself, though deep down it was her exhaustion speaking.

Slumped, she fell asleep only to dream of the most perfect burger. Soft, fluffy with a filling so fresh, McDonald’s could legitimately be sued.
And now she shares her quest of finding and enjoying this dream burger with you all in another:

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Attempting Silence

Look, let me be honest. I do not have many flaws. In fact, hah, it was very hard for me to come up with the one I will tell you about today. After all, I am just about 100% perfect.

pb fudge 16Wow, doesn’t someone need to eat some humble pie… 😉

Unlike the above description of yours truly, I do lots of things wrong, lots of weird things and well, am around 1% perfect – but that is what makes me human 😀 – and a question, is 1% perfect even possible???

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I Wanna Be A Billionaire So….. Bad

Yes I know the song was never about a millionaire but this recipe that I made was for a ‘Millionaire’s’ Chocolate Tart – it is all a lie, it should have been for a billionaire.

Also part of my Christmas extravaganza of a party (joking, it was a small affair!), was this tart – how can I explain it? The only way I can actually put it is that it is a mix between a chocolate caramel slice (the link is to the recipe I hope to make in the near future) and a delicious Twix style candy bar… sounds very decadent, rich and perfect for a movie, especially when paired with my popcorn ice cream!

53I admit, I was a little weary of this recipe initially – not off a blog with a story behind it, using 5 eggs (though I could have fared very well on using only 1/2 the recipe for the filling) and a mixture of melted white and dark chocolate… it sounded a little weird but the recipe in itself looked a little too enticing to miss so there – I tried it and boy did I win 🙂 (as did my guests)

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Dear me, I think I gained 5 kilos…

Actually Written: 28th September 2011

Please don’t be scared off this post! Let’s say (for my sake at least) that it is
holiday season, everyone gains weight then!

You see, my explanation is very simple. When you make fudge, you eat it. Is my
philosophy wrong? No? Didn’t think so.

Now, when you make caramel fudge, you do not eat it (don’t hit me yet) – You devour it.
You scrape the saucepan’s warm sweet not-put-in-pan-able leftovers. You watch the
fridge like a hawk for 2 hours. And when that fudge is set, you don’t even
bother cutting it up.

Hence the 5 kilos…


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