When Nutella Soothes Pain

Yes, yes I know it ALWAYS soothes pain. And today was no exception.

You see, I have a beautiful new phone and it refuses to sync with iTunes. My back up, songs etc. etc . are failing to back up.
I am a stressy person when it comes to these things in life.
Put two and two together and you will see that I am currently in quite the possition!!!

So I went to my trusty Nutella jar and ate a sandwich (bananas toasted with nutella in bread is quite the thing to usually perk me up)

Didn’t work – needed more Nutella and *GASP* pantry was empty. No this is not really a surprise since I refrain from buying too much Nutella due to my immense love for it.

So I thought and thought and with the banana brain food (I know it is a healthy sandwich deep down!) and remembered an idea I thought of a while back – Nutella Milk.


Pure, sweet and simple. And not a waste of Nutella in sight 🙂
It is basically warming up a little less than your jar’s capacity for milk to lukewarm, pouring it into the almost empty Nutella jar, shaking nice and fast and hard and then pouring back into your serving glass (I was going to top mine with a spoonful of Nutella but alas, I ate it too quickly before a pic was taken!) I actually heated mine up a bit more afterwards to make it Hot Nutella Chocolate style!

image-2I am so proud of this idea, I can’t tell you. And even though I am probably not the first person to ever think of it (which would be totally cool) I really recommend to Nutella lovers to finish off their Nutella (I gather this is a simple task for sure) and start shaking!

I actually drank it slowly with this delicious! mini Coles Christmas Pudding which I had with my malteser-roasted macadamia-ridden French Vanilla ice cream!
So I’m a little weird – but I also deliver to you such fascinatingly delish ideas right? :p



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