Popping My Ice Cream

An undoable feat?

I think not.
Almost Bourdain thinks not.
Skye from Masterchef Australia thinks not.
And that is why this ice cream is so swaggering-ly cool.

I am a firm believer in trying new things and sometimes even strange ideas – combining flavours people don’t really expect will give such a positive kick until you tell them afterwards (I put a hint of cinnamon in my mum’s tea once and she loved her tea – I should probably tell her, though I have not done it since)

36This is why you will barely ever see me make the same recipe twice unless it is my staple, and even then I will probably adapt it in some way. I do believe the only recipes I have made and stayed with have been my staple original chocolate chip cookies (which could change due to my upcoming cookie dough baking week) and my brownies from Masterchef.

The reasons above are why I decided make this Popcorn Ice Cream. Served up with a piece of cake or tart and garnished with a drizzling of caramel top ‘n’ fill since I am so lazy – I think it tastes beautiful. I love that the flavour is such a mix of sweet and salty and the distinct flavour of popcorn is right there in your face in a good way.
If I can be honest, this homemade ice cream offers a creamy texture which melts in your mouth and reminds you of the movie theatre due to the particular flavour. I think I can eat a lot of this ice cream, especially with chopped up candy bars and lollies to give the full movie theatre experience 😀

Popcorn Ice CreamPopcorn Ice Cream Recipe – The Link is now void!

26Best of all as I continue my ice cream maker’s journey, the French custard style of ice cream making scares me less and less and the delicious flavours that are not available at supermarkets are made suddenly over accessible!

Although… I must mention (*sheepish*) that I made a huge mistake – I was making 1/2 the recipe but had increased the popcorn ratio from 60-90g for the full recipe – I added 90g popcorn for 1/2 the recipe! This meant that after the infusion of flavours, the pocorn had soaked in so much liquid, I had barely any – I am proud to say that I averted this disaster without google by putting the strained popcorn back in a saucepan and adding in some more whole milk (I was out of thickened cream thanks to my Nutella Mousse!), heating it up again until it was close to boiling point and then straining it into my original liquid and adding an extra 2 tsp of vanilla! Phew 😛

16I couldn’t try a lot of this ice cream on the day of making (which was actually Thursday) since it was for a small but HUGELY important Christmas gathering at my place but when I ate it served up with a large piece of my Millionaire’s Chocolate Tart, I just about died. It is like combining caramel popcorn with Twix shortbread chocolate – seriously, you have the ultimate movie dessert to eat with your closest friends – or by yourself, truly it is up to you 🙂

4Look forward to more baking and in the meantime, please make this ice cream. And for those without the beauty that is an ice cream maker, David Lebovitz (the King – not Elvis style) offers great tips on how to make an ice cream without it!

Cheers – ‘graduated’ on Friday, formal on Monday – EEK!

And to think I have to fit into my dress after this ice cream… oops 😛


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  6. I love experimenting in the kitchen also 🙂 I rarely make something twice unless it was really good and I want to repeat it so everyone can taste it! I don’t have an ice cream machine (so after writing this I’ll check out the link you posted) but that popcorn ice cream looks so delicious! I would definitely try it!


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