A Thicker, Richer Nutella

This is a quick post really – I have cooked and baked a lot more today but since it is for a very special Christmas party, I wouldn’t want to spoil the sweet surprises.

Anyway, you may be pondering over my title – totally understandable – how can this gooey, apparently-for-breakfast spread become a richer and more decadent version of itself?

Quite easy actually and can be done in 2 ingredients (the third is optional) – just make Nutella into Nutella Mousse.

35Amazing what a little (seriously, not much) thickened cream will do when it works its magic with runny Nutella in the comfort of a very cold fridge. What results is a super smooth, perfectly textured mousse which is eggless and gelatin-less and made super fast and super easily.

15There is not much to say except that I increased the Nutella to approximately 270g and used vanilla essence instead of coffee. I also used a chocolate chip cookie as my biscuit base instead of a sponge cake piece and it was a delicious textural difference AND didn’t go soggy 😀

25All I know is that tonight, when you come home from late night shopping and just want to kick your shoes off and have a treat, this is perfect – absolutely and simply perfect, patiently waiting in the fridge – Whip it up NOW for tonight from Baker’s Royale!

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  4. balvinder says:

    I was thinking to make something like this because my daughter love nutella and strawberries. wherever we travel outside this country she carries her nutella. Yes,even to Sydney, 5 years ago.


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