Chocolate Chip Baking Week 4: Eggless White Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

Being Indian, I know many people who have an aversion to eggs – whether it be religious or personal choice. My own mother hounds me day after day due to the stench of ‘egg’ in the kitchen on freshly washed dishes. So I decided, for fun, to pop in an eggless chocolate chip cookie recipe – and there is no doubt that this recipe is a keeper.

While it would not be a grand prize winner in any of my categories, this is a really good practical recipe, easy to make desserts from as a base for example like: a Philadelphia style homemade ice cream sandwich, for those unable to eat egg – remember that aunty who can’t eat egg?

213Unlike the past chocolate chip cookie recipes made in this week already, these have a very crackly appearance due to the lack of binding agent and also have a crunchy, sugary exterior hiding a soft and chewy and utterly divine interior – similar to the brown sugar chocolate chip cookies but not that extent of softness.

What I also really enjoyed was how light I felt after sampling this cookie. There really is a lack of density by cutting away the egg, even though the butter is melted (which helps in binding together the cookie)

Some things I noticed and some things I adapted:

  • I didn’t need to use the whole amount of water needed to smooth out dough since mine was quick slick as it was – I only used 1 tbs and even that of full cream milk to give the dough a richer smoothening agent
  • I used milk chocolate chips since that is the one that is currently open 😛
  • There was a lower baking temperature and longer baking period for this cookie in comparison to the usual 9-11 minutes – does anybody know why?
  • The dough was very similar to your average chocolate chip cookie dough and had a delicious aroma about it (especially after baking)

411I actually only used half the dough for cookies and refrigerated the other half – I do believe I need it tomorrow for some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream 🙂

Stay tuned and have fun eating out of a packet of chocolate chips while you wait 🙂
This recipe is from the very talented Technicolo(u)r Kitchen
Next Up: Chocolate Chip Mini Cheesecakes

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