Chocolate Chip Baking Week 6: Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else”

My latest obsession of a song, it totally conveys my emotions felt towards this ice cream. Ever since formal, this song has been running through my head on repeat and when I made this ice cream, I felt like screaming this song into the sky. No joke.
The only difference is that this song definitely knows it’s beautiful. It ain’t looking at the ground (that would be sacrilege) and it doesn’t have hair to flip (uh, gross?) and boy, can everyone in the room see that it is beautiful.

63Needless to say, this has kicked out the delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes out of the ‘Most Creative Chocolate Chip Dough/Cookie’ category because, honestly, I don’t think anything could ever compete. Or, perhaps eating this ice cream on top of the Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes could 😛

This recipe from the magnifique Annie Eats has completely changed my notion of this fabulous ice cream. Can you believe that before today, I was not keen on cookie dough ice cream? Why, only 3 days ago, I was talking about this with my mate, NA, and we both agreed. Sickly sweet pieces of cookie dough in a vanilla ice cream with hard chocolate chips? No thanks Baskin Robbins, Wendy’s or even Ben & Jerry’s!

57But this recipe has revolutionised that old concept. All by adding a little beauty I call Brown Butter (remember?) and using brown sugar. The depth, slight nuttiness of flavours this brings should actually be illegal. No wonder this recipe has floated to basically every blogger (don’t believe me? Type it into Google :))

How can I even start to describe this ice cream. Being made French Custard style, which I have become happily become accustomed to use now, it has the smoothness and creaminess necessary in any proper ice cream. The small chunks of dark chocolate chips add a delicious textural difference as does the divine pieces of eggless cookie dough, hidden within the velvety ice cream.

115That was basically the only difference in my recipe – I used refrigerated cookie dough from my Eggless White Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies. And boy am I glad I did – the two are made for each other, now and forever,

2I do not want to keep you from your machines or your mixers now. I beg you, please go make this ice cream and relieve all the tension the world has been throwing your way. Never again will I scoff in the direction of this ice cream.

“You understand why I want you so desperately” 😛

Tomorrow: Thick And Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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