A Sandwich Press’s Dream

There once upon a time was a little sandwich press. For all intents and purposes, let us name this sandwich press Susie (since let’s be honest, can you be bothered to type sandwich press every time?)

Susie lived in a moderately sized kitchen with all her other kitchen friends and she should have been happy. After all, she was regularly used (though the competition between her and the focaccia maker was quite intense) and she was well maintained and cleaned. But poor Susie wasn’t. She had a secret. The poor thing loved sweets!!

51Now being a sandwich maker, she got stuffed with bread, and *god forbid* ingredients like capsicum, tapenade, cheese, tomatoes – as far from sweet as one can possibly get! Once, a little girl who was obsessed with Nutella did make a Nutella-Banana grilled sandwich – but she used the focaccia maker and not Susie! (Susie, if you are reading this, I am so sorry!)

She longed to be with the oven, the grill and even the microwave! To feel caramelised sugar and give a little *ping* when a cake was ready and to let off an aroma that didn’t scream savoury. She was quite distraught and the thought that her dreams of being part of a baking league would never come true made her cry.


But then, on the summery eve of December 31st 2011, Susie made a wish. She was packed away in her cool little cupboard, about to put down her lid and shut the door for the night, when she saw a falling chocolate rock out of the baking cupboard. It fell like a dream, swirling in the light breeze and she made an impulsive wish.

*****2 Days Later*****

It is the morning of January 2nd and the little Nutella girl who shunned Susie once (again, Susie I am so sorry!) found a recipe that caught her eye. Languidly going through the sweet Ambreen’s site Simply Sweet ‘N’ Savoury, it was for a Vanilla Triangle Cake. ‘What an odd shape’ she said to herself. But the fluffiness of the cake and the delicious pictures made her impulsively want to make the cake there and then. She was scanning through the recipe and saw the most extraordinary thing – it was made in a sandwich maker. And little Susie downstairs was about to have her wish come true. Imagine her surprise when she saw the Nutella girl open the cupboard, take her out and heat her up, a batter of vanilla scents wafting up her… um… nostrils…

61I think you all know what happens next. Poor Susie, the epitome of savoury food machines, made a sweet cake. An extraordinarily fluffy, fast and delicious cake. And right now, she sits on the bench, an aroma of chocolate and vanilla mixing together wafting away from her cooling grills. And Susie smiled for the first time in 2012.


Awww, I am so happy for Susie. And for myself. Since I ate the cake – oh were you expecting me to share? Oops.

May I just say one thing, or maybe two. This cake is fabulous. Replacing all microwave cakes, this is just as fast and so much tastier. And it is so easy to make different styles and flavours with it since the recipe is of simple vanilla therefore forever adaptable.

This cake, if baked for the right time of course, is not rubbery at all. It is easy to slip out of the well greased sandwich tin, it cools fast, cuts like a dream and is perfect with a scoop of ice cream (New York Super Fudge Chunk to be precise from the magical Ben & Jerry’s)

31I made this using chocolate rocks in the batter, and decided to name my version Confetti Vanilla Cake Triangles 🙂
I just love the ribbons of colour throughout + the added crunch of chocolate in each bite!

I also adapted the recipe a bit:

  • Making 1/8 of the recipe, I didn’t put in enough egg so I added in a couple of tsp of full cream milk and the more liquidy batter was perfect
  • I melted the butter instead of having it softened
  • I increased the amount of vanilla essence to 2 tsp for the whole recipe (though if you are using additional flavouring, keeping it at the original amount is fine)

41And here are some different flavours I believe you could do with this remarkable cake baking style recipe:

  • Jam – Make cake as usual and pour in half batter, add a heaping tbs of warmed jam, then cover with remaining batter
  • Nutella – Add in 1/2 cup warmed Nutella to batter after essence
  • Elvis – Use peanut butter (do not need to warm or slightly melt) and pour in half batter, place a row of banana slices, then pour remaining batter on top
  • Tropical – Add in desiccated coconut and drained, mixed fruit salad chunks into batter before baking
  • Chocolate – Add in 1-2 tbs of cocoa powder into batter, pour in half batter then chocolate chips, chunks, cut up bars of difference chocolate flavours, then pour over remaining batter and bake
  • Caramel – Use brown sugar instead of caster sugar and put in swirls of caramel sauce before pressing
  • Apple Pie – Add cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice into batter according to taste, pour in half the batter, add in some thinly sliced, peeled apple pieces and the pour the remaining batter on top to cover

Goodbye microwave! And Susie and I = BFFL 😀
Enjoy and I shall see you in 2 days for a special celebration…  involving lemons and coconut…

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  2. This is a marvelous creation, love the confetti cake with that pocket of filling. I can see this idea spinning into something big. Next thing you know, you will find it as a pillsbury mix on the grocery shelves. Pocket cakes. Well done!


    • I was also very happy to find it 🙂
      And I love how there are so many adaptations possible – haha maybe a pillsbury mix is a bit too imaginative, but how about a Choc Chip Uru mix 😛
      Hope you enjoying carrying a pocket cake!

      Choc Chip Uru


    • Thank you 🙂
      And I recommend getting a sandwich press just because it cuts a sandwich too (I am so lazy :P)
      Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you too have good ice cream taste!

      Choc Chip Uru


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