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Happy Birthday Mumma 2012

My grandma is a chef. She does not work in a fancy-shmancy restaurant though she does have a second in charge under her (*ahem*, mother…) but if she wanted to, she most definitely could. 99% of the time, you cannot fault her cooking. It is pure, Indian goodness (can’t you just smell the curry from my kitchen?)

And, like most other grandmas, she was a darn good baker! (*ahem*, mother, you better brush up your baking skills in around 10 years time! :P) – Basically everyone I know has at least one grandmother who loved to bake. I think it is a grandma thing. And boy am I glad it is.

5Aren’t you? Can you not remember coming to visit or coming home to your grandmother whipping up, I don’t know, lamington balls, in your kitchen, which you ate so many of you felt sick afterwards but didn’t feel any regret? 😛

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A Mini That Packs Punch

I know I promised lemons and coconut, and that is coming today just a little later… bear with me please 🙂


They say good things come in small packages. Well!!!
I am not exactly small and petite (rather tall and ahem… :P) so I would like to meet ‘them’ – you know, whoever the jealous person/people was/were of us taller folk.

In order to get my own back whenever this phrase has been flung in my face, this is my immediate retort: “Better things come in large packages” – take that!

42However, today, for the first time, I am beginning to doubt my own philosophy – no, no, do not get overly excited, it remains the same when it comes to people – I mean in terms of my baking.

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