Nutella Baking Week Continued: Nutella Kheer (Rice Pudding)

It’s time to vitalise, rejuvenise and exercise and… wait. Who am I kidding? It feels like it’s 100 degrees (C) here!!! Sorry, the word I was trying to find was

It’s time to traditionalise 😀

How could this Nutella baking week even think to continue without putting in a total desi (Indian word for patriotic) dish right? So I had a trawl through the web, searching for all the favourites like gulaab jamun and rasgulla and even laddoo, putting a ‘Nutella’ in front. I won’t say there were no entries but certainly none I deemed trustworthy. And none that had any pull or persuasive food photos. Boring!

510Finally, I came to kheer, and from memory, Google came up with an error. I was about to give up on this idea of mine when I realised that the Western world did have their own versions of something called rice pudding. And rice pudding is kheer. For crying out loud, I have seen pumpkin kheer (I mean rice pudding :P)

So I hurriedly typed in ‘Nutella rice pudding’ and look what came up so happily for me 🙂 – this fabulous recipe once more from Baking Bites (just like those delicious Breakfast scrolls, my first post this week!)

Now this recipe was fantastic, guaranteed gave me a brilliant starting point, but while making it, I realised how much Indian-ism it lacked, dessert wise. The health factor decreased, the taste factor increased and I promise you now, one of the most delicious Kheer dishes you will ever taste was created. It is right here on this post 🙂

Most kheer feels light but in actual fact, it is quite heavy when made properly without a regard for healthiness. My kheer feels rich in my stomach (nothing a treadmill can’t fix though!), looks rich and tastes even richer!

Let’s get started then shall we: I am running on a sugar high and you all deserve to as well 😛

114Firstly, the rice:

  • I recommend using Arborio or risotto rice as your first choice since risotto basically represents a savoury kheer of sorts and this rice absorbs water the best
  • Second choice would be Jasmine which has the same properties but not as said extent of risotto rice – however it is thick and full of flavour
  • Third choice would be Mexican short grain, only due to flavour
  • Fourth choice definitely Basmati and long grain (which is what I used because that was the type of cooked rice which was available for me today :D)

Secondly, the recipe changes: When making both Nutella OR ordinary Kheer (and honestly, do get into the habit of calling it ‘kheer’ – easier than two words!)

  • Use full cream milk (no matter what is said, low fat does not deliver I assure you)
  • Do not use half and half (it really is a dieting recipe for 1 person if you follow it originally) – use all thickened or double cream to increase, well, the creaminess 😛
  • Increase the caster sugar to 1/2 cup, perhaps even 3/4 cup – This dessert’s base must be sweet, regardless of the Nutella flavouring which goes into it and especially if it does not (or in the case of Original Kheer)
  • Add in 1-2 tsp corn flour to increase the thickening agents of the dish – it makes the end consistency a bit softer and more pudding like I found


IMPORTANT: Keep the base of this recipe completely Indian – you make think that Nutella and cardamon don’t go but trust me – you.  are. wrong. This means:

  • Adding 4-5 (depending on how strong) crushed cardamon pods into the mixture once it has reduced by 1/2 – once softened, slightly apply pressure using the back of your spoon so they release all their flavour into the recipe – remove before adding in cocoa powder and essence is going on with Nutella adding
  • Add in a pinch of cinnamon while adding the essence – it enhances the flavour
  • If you have them, saffron threads soaked in hot milk are also a great flavour added
  • Use rose essence over vanilla essence

And lastly, a few notes for if making Nutella (but seriously, why would you not :))

  • When add in cocoa powder and essence etc. the mixture can tend to get a bit lacking in moisture. I added a touch of milk in again and let it absorb some more before I removed it off the heat and added Nutella – you want a thick mixture but not so thick that it is on the dry side at all
  • Indians serve the original kheer with delicious chopped almonds and raisins. Keeping with the black and white and nuts theme, I served a Nutella version with desiccated coconut and hazelnuts – your choice but it is more traditional this way than with whipped cream 😀


So go, make this, eat it warm or cold or both (we all need 3 square meals a day) and enjoy my friends!

One of my more different and unique recipes today, I think you all will really like tomorrow… it starts to get berry crazy around my kitchen 😛

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  1. balvinder says:

    How wonderful Guru, Two days ago I made Mushroom risotto for my daughter and I do not wanted to eat mushrooms every time so I made kheer for us from arborio rice. If this post had been published earlier I would have added nutella in it. But I do add chocolate coated almonds in it.


    • I personally believe kheer is the top way of using up old cooked rice – a shame about the timing though!
      At least you will always have for next time 🙂
      And chocolate covered almonds sounds so delicious in kheer – must give that one a try!!!



    • Thanks 🙂
      And I just checked out your valentines day idea – too cute – thank you for inviting me!
      I have three recipes perfect for it and one posting today – ill definitely be publicizing for you!
      Email you soon!

      Choc Chip Uru


    • Haha thank you – I certainly hope you go to your kitchen right now and make this for your breakfast/lunch/dinner or all three 😀
      And this is definitely the recipe to go by!

      Choc Chip Uru


  2. You know that nutella is my weak spot. Sometimes I just walk around in the kitchen with a dap on my spoon trying to think of something to put it on. Did you know there is a nutella organization, club and a special month for nutella tributes. People love their nutella.


    • You make me feel happy – I too, am a happy spooner with my own jar of nutella since no one else in my family eats it!
      And I hope you are part of those delicious nutella organisations 😀

      Choc Chip Uru


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