Up And Coming

Riversong: “[Gasps] Spoilers…”

Dr Who

No, no spoilers River! Just a little teaser on my behalf 😉



I present to you the latest masterpiece to grace the big ovens…

Filled with thrills and drama, you will not want to miss the greatest legacy to enter the kitchen world since the likes of culinary award winners “The Cheesecake” and “The Brownie

In this adventure, we have starring the freshest and hottest ingredients such as

Hershey’s Caramel Kisses
A rising star, she played the leading ingredient in “The Meringue” and has already been nominated for the “Best New Ingredient” award


Dark Chocolate Chips
Ten time winner of the “Greatest Ingredient Ever” and 20 time winner of “Biggest Kitchen Heart Throb”

318Soft & Chewy Caramels
A bit of a recluse, she prefers to choose her roles but she has been tagged with the prestigious “Can Eat Without Baking” honour multiple times


And for the first time ever, Coffee Essence
“I’ve only ever done little roles. Been a minor, you know? But for the first time, I am actually strong and Vanilla is my back up… It’s nice to have my proper debut into the culinary world,” – C.E was reported as saying

Directed by Choc Chip Uru and being produced for the first time at Savour The Senses studios, owned by the lime-lighted Jenny and award winner at Foodbuzz, Tastespotting, Food Gawker and more, I GIVE YOU THE ONE OF THE GREATEST TASTE SENSATIONS IN HISTORY!

Coming soon to computers near you…

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    • Fan? Psshaw, more like devotee 🙂
      I am definitely going to visit your blog – I can’t wait to see those links (I’ll probably end up subscribing :D)
      Thanks for the comment and your own sub!

      Choc Chip Uru


    • I am sure will love it – it is a twisted take on a much loved recipe 😉

      Choc Chip Uru

      P.S. I joined your blog with my other email (see my weird explanation on my about me age :P)
      YAY 😀


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