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Driving Baby!

Ok, so sweeties, I suppose I should have told you before but it has been two weeks since I can OFFICIALLY DRIVE MYSELF!


Yeah… that’s right… me on the open road, my hair flipping in the wind and my drive-through takeaway in the seat beside me. Oh yeah…

“Oh mum… you want me to grab some bread? Surrrreeee…”

“Daddeeee… after school can I go out with my friends. I will be home whenever…”

That's it?

That’s it?

“Hey guys, let’s catch up at towers (local shopping centre)… I’m just on the way…”

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My title is a little confusing. Allow me to clarify to you the confusion.

Augustus = Chocolate Covered Peanut



Augustus = Chocolate Covered Peanut

“Um… am I being stupid here or do I not get it?”


You are obviously being stupid. JOKES, no you are not. But allow me to explain the very nerdy, very school-ish inspiration for this equation. I do not do maths anymore so perhaps you may take that into account for my nonsensical equation (Quick, maths teachers, cover those eyes!)

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What Did You Do For Valentines Day?

Well. Here we are. Two days after Valentines Day. The day filled with romance, roses and red stuff. Because you know. Valentines Day.

The day one gets so mushy and gushy (rhyme that with mushy for my sake :P), seeing couples (old, young, in that ‘middle zone’ where they can’t decide) holding hands and walking in rhythm… sigh… what a romantic day.



The day that TV shows nothing but cartoons glowing red and giving their other half a kiss on the cheek with their hearts literally beating out of their chest, as if it would rip it apart.

Yeah, Jerry, you can’t hide that luuuurve on Valentines Day 😉



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World Nutella Day 2013

Agreeably, the day to commemorate the gooiest, chocolatiest, hazelnuttiest and most decadent breakfast spread in the world was actually a whole 5 days ago but better late than never right?


Oh who am I kidding, I celebrate Nutella just about everyday – or I would if the whole ‘fat’ thing was not an issue (people with metabolism, I am so glaring at you ;))

Anyhow, on Nutella Day, I celebrated by the simple spooning process. The fun and non-complicated method of stuffing the spoon into the jar (no less than 500g of course!) and slathering it with Nutella then licking it like an ice cream cone. But oh my god, it is actually better.


Did I bake something this year? I was planning to – honestly I was – but then my history sneaked up and clonked me on the head with a particularly large hammer and when I came back to my senses, I was sitting in my chair and it was already Sunday afternoon with school looming the next day. That subject is a sneaky one!

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CCU Undercover: Red Spoon Thai

CCU breathed in the smell of peanuts and coconuts, their aromas tickling her tastebuds as she walked through the crowded streets. A merchant here, a food stall there, there was just too much!

Well she had to start somewhere so she ambled over to an exotic location where the scent was especially strong.

Mmmmm…. was her last thought before she shut the door behind her

review title


Guys I apologise today that I do not have a recipe to share with you all (though I am planning to this weekend :D) – in its place, I have decided to take you on my Thai adventures so you do not get huge withdrawal from your lack of Go Bake Yourself (a real condition with symptoms include grumbling stomach, lack of chocolate and hallucinations of Nutella)

Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful, magical world of Thai food. Simple, exquisite and no pretentiousness, just classy, ambience. Dark oaks mixed with crimson as well as darker lighting set the mood inside but we sat outside with the sun waving goodbye.


Perfectly set tables with a very innovative idea for a pre-packed hand sanitiser for your use either before or after your meal. Promoting hygiene before eating is such a big plus!

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Dear Popeye…

Dear Popeye,

How I feel sorry for the children of the today subjected to crap like iCarly and Victoria Justice. How is that even a TV show as opposed to screaming, crazy pre-teens with canned laughter? I could go to a One-Direction concert and it would be more enjoyable to view it there :S


I suppose I am really writing to you to tell you about the cartoons. It will hit you harder considering… well… you are one… but I hope you understand that I just need to tell you that wherever you are, you make sure that none of the modern-stuff ever even comes in contact with you. Imagine if you went all HD and animated. I shudder to think of it!

Popeye my old sea-dog friend, there is no more Warner Brothers style Flintstones or Road Runner or Bugs Bunny unless you watch the reruns on the 90s channel. There is no more ‘Steamboat Willie’ with film-noir Mickey, or even any 2D versions of the Disney gang left I believe. Just the odd reruns of the Princesses because little girls still love them so much. Though for how long is my question…

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