Merry Christmas!

When friends come together, when family stays over and when there is a certain magic in the air as you hear ‘Love Actually’s’ soundtrack played on repeat in every store.


When snows falls in the north and the sun blazes in the south, when the summer solstice and winter solstice collide and when the songs of birds sound more melodious than ever.

When gift wrapped presents glint under trees, when Santas sell candy canes, furniture or booze and when many a Rudolph decorate the lawns of suburban houses.


When everyone smiles and wishes each other good cheer.

It is definitely a good time of year.


Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

I sincerely wish you a wonderful holiday, whether you be tucked in front a roaring fire, wearing grandma’s knitted Christmas sweater with hot chocolate in you hands, or whether you be running around in shorts on the beach together 🙂


I hope Santa Claus consults your wish list and gets you all more than you ever could have asked for, and sends his elves to spread gorgeous Christmas vibes whooshing throughout your neighbourhood. 🙂


Now, I know I promised a more Christmassy bake for this post, but sometimes things happen, and I could no bake what I planned – guess I will have to post that up while I am on holiday again to continue keeping the Christmas spirit alive 🙂

Oh, I supposed I should have mentioned… I am going to Europe for three weeks now after Christmas!

So you have no time to hurl abuse at me (remember, it is Christmas after all!), I am going to end this post with a recipe to delight your tastebuds no end – it’ll be popular with everyone I promise 😉


Soft chocolatey cupcakes with a surprise filling which actually adds some sweetness to the rich indulgence coming from the crumb. Top it with a cute decorative icing and Bob’s your uncle (he certainly isn’t mine!) 😛

I’ll see you in three weeks (again) so sorry for no commenting or anything – though I promise at least one post per week 🙂

And to everyone who is unable to comment on my new blog, I apologise – According to Tandy from Lavender and Lime, it has something to do with my no-spam checkbox, so once I come home, I promise to look into it with the blog designers – till then, sit tight! And I will pretend you love everything I post regardless of comments or not hehehehe 😉


That’s about it for now, Au devoir mrs cheris! (better work on my French again!)

Printable Recipe!!

Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

Adapted from: 



  • 1 1/4 cup caster sugar
  • 113g dark chocolate, roughly chopped
  • 113g butter, salted
  • 2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 1/4 cup plain flour
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp baking powder

Cream Cheese Filling & Frosting

  • 500g cream cheese, room temperature
  • 226g butter, room temperature
  • 2/3 cup full cream milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 5-6 cups icing mixture (icing sugar)

Decoration (optional)

  • Sprinkles
  • Mini edible roses


  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Line a muffin tin with paper liners
  2. In a small saucepan, bring sugar and 1 cup water to boil, stirring till sugar dissolves
  3. Pour into a large bowl and add chocolate and butter, stirring occasionally till they have melted so the mixture becomes smooth
  4. Let cool for 10 minutes then beat in vanilla and eggs
  5. In a medium bowl, sift in flour, baking soda and baking powder.
  6. Add to chocolate mixture and using a wooden spoon, stir till just combined
  7. Pour around 1/4 cup of batter into each liner. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in comes out clean
  8. Cream Cheese Frosting: Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and beat at high speed till smooth. Add in icing mixture one cup at a time till reaches a thick and spreadable consistency. Transfer to a piping bag/
  9. To Assemble: In each cupcake, use a small knife to cut out a hole in the middle. Pipe or spoon some filling inside and place the cake piece back on top. Pipe some more frosting on top of the entire cupcake to ice it. Decorate as desired.






For such a simple recipe, these cupcakes sure give a lot. They are incredibly delicious! And would make a perfect addition to any Christmas table to share with everyone you love 🙂

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  1. Ramona says:

    What a fun cupcake… I have to do this for my kids. 🙂 Enjoy your travels, my globe-trotting friend. What a great experience you are having with all these new adventures. 🙂 Happy New Year!!


    • Hi Shirley! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
      I thought I did respond? It was the one I was tagged in right? I was so excited and commented 😛
      Maybe it didn’t go through? I was overseas at the time. Whatever the case, it is unfortunate haha next time 🙂

      Choc Chip Uru


  2. laurasmess says:

    Love the new look blog Uru! Sorry that I haven’t been around for a while, it’s been a crazy end of year! These cupcakes look divine. Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, all the best for 2014! x


  3. Veronica says:

    Congrats on being self-hosted now! I hope your Christmas was wonderful. I never considered what it would be like celebrating in the summer! How very strange it would be for me, because every year I’m shivering on Christmas day! We had a white Christmas this year, which doesn’t happen often. You will have to celebrate in the states or another cold area some day – it’s pretty magical to experience it in winter. 🙂


  4. You really get around, don’t you? I’m thrilled that you’re doing some traveling. I think for folks who’ve grown up with not a lot history, a visit to older societies really puts things in perspective.

    I hope they have good cupcakes for you in Europe. 🙂


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