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Pears & Chocolate

Can I be honest with you? I don’t like pretentious desserts. I don’t like the bite size portions of something like vanilla custard flan topped with sweetened elderflower seedlings on a bed of bitter chocolate orange glaze or whatever. I find it weird and slightly twisted, like they are forcing together a jigsaw puzzle that just DOES NOT match!

And let’s be honest – the only thing I know about elderberries is that your father smelt of them!

– Monty Python 🙂

Anyways, as I continue my rant about these significantly tiny, wussy desserts, let me add one part which has always been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Pears poached in red wine.

I know, I understand that a ton of high class adults would be shuddering right now and Psycho’s high pitched violin is roaring in some of your heads but seriously. Ew.

Firstly the colour – pears are not red.  Nor will they ever be. That is why have apples remember? Secondly the flavour. Oh my, when I ate a little it was like the sickly sweet cherry flavoured cough syrup – it burns the throat and is disgusting! Thirdly, it was served with a tiny sliver which I count as a crumb, of chocolate cake. Now serving something so vile is just unjust and unforgivable in the face of chocolate.

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Happy 40th Ma 2011


The big 4-0!!! Can’t believe it you old grandma you… wait no take that back, too young for kids, panic mode etc…


Sorry back to the norm :p
To everyone out there reading this post, my mum is a very special woman. For her 40th, my family went all out because she deserved nothing but the best.
Here is why:

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Diwali Baking #4

I have a tendency to go overboard. Whether it be decorating, amount of time spent on hair, listening to a single song. I always go overboard.

While this may not always be a good thing, it certainly is in cooking. I go overboard with the amount of time I spend on cooking, the amount of time I recipe hunt and I am generous in regards to essences and add-ins. This is what made this cake such a good choice. And I think I can definitely go overboard for the family receiving it. They are awesome (and have a very adorable dog :))

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A Girl Needs Her Rum?

I suppose a girl does when it comes in a cake like this… it is rich, moist and a little bit naughty – nah, I’m kidding, its rum essence 🙂

Rum essence really kicks up the whipped cream layer of this cake – it does add extra flavour and matches really well with the orange and chocolate cakes throughout this cake – YUM!

Now the frosting for this cake, please use all of it otherwise you will end up like me – I KID YOU NOT but I did manage to eat AT LEAST 1 cup of frosting – oh yeah, it was so pure, sweet and chocolate-y…


Without further ado ladies and gents, I give YOU (yep lucky you) this recipe for RUM LAYER CAKE! Wait no, there is further ado – A little warning that the cakes my cooking partner and I made were a little well, um cracked so after splitting and layering we managed but the cake was almost about the fall and crack and splosh down… BUT I will make sure you won’t have any disasters (and ours looked nice inside!) AND teach you how to make chocolate leaves 😀

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Fond-[ant]-ly Remembering Christmas 2010

Actually Written: Term 4 2010

At the end of 2010, our food tech class went absolutely nuts! My teacher is brilliant, creative and totally not lazy so she organised a ton of awesome
Christmas cooking activities! Thank You, Mrs D!!!

One such was a Christmas fruitcake (non-alcoholic ;P)
It was such a cute, adorable little baby with a brilliant recipe (we gave the pretty cake to our neighbour so I only tasted the batter – not really a shame)
The fondant rolling, colouring and just general working was absolutely brilliant though!!! It was such a new experience that was messy and all hands-on (a.k.a I



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Cherries, Chocolate and Cream, so much cream…

YAY my first actual cooking post! Please enjoy =)

Actuallly Written: 24th June 2011

Cake closh – check; fancy topping – check, taste – hell yes, I mean check =]

My brother had a Uni party for the first time at our house and it gave me an
excuse to create a massive 20cm diameter springform cake (I usually have to cut
down recipes to 1/4 – 1/8 for my family unless no chocolate is involved and
still it’s half – sacrilegious no?)

Black Forest Cake 2011 Bhaiya Uni Party 2


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