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Six Sources Of Chocolate In Each Muffin

I swear, I am starting to spam all subscribers emails! Every day, I have a story to tell or a recipe to make – what’s a girl to do but write in her blog right?

320I mean, what was on the agenda today

  • Make 1st part of my post for tomorrow (it turned out delicious so I am already on a high) – CHECK
  • Read –  CHECK
  • Sleep – ?
  • Moan since school is starting in less than 3 days (I bet all of you have to a be little happy because then I can’t spam you daily :P) – CHECK (I multitasked)
  • Sleep some more – ?

What have I gone and done? Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog and more blog stuff – anyone else here the word overdrive?

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Treasure Thy Name Is Snickers

These are not for the faint hearted

“Nurse, get me the defibrillator, STAT!”
“I’m on it Doctor”



These are not for pansies, wimps or any other type of whimsical mush-heads

***Here’s looking at you SpongeBob***

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