Treasure Thy Name Is Snickers

These are not for the faint hearted

“Nurse, get me the defibrillator, STAT!”
“I’m on it Doctor”



These are not for pansies, wimps or any other type of whimsical mush-heads

***Here’s looking at you SpongeBob***



These are not for diet-ees (Caution: May kill you)

Super Skinny French Model: Ooh la la, j’ai très faim ce matin (forgive me for any major errors but I am still learning) – Ooh la la, I am very hungry this morning

Super Skinny French Model Photographer: Une carrote peut-etre? – A carrot perhaps?

Super Skinny French Model: *Pulls face – Photographer takes picture* – Oh Pierre, non… Pas aujourd’hui – Oh Pierre, no… not today

SSFM Photographer: Ce petit gateaû? *smiles mockingly* – This little cake a.k.a cupcake?

SSFM: Aieeeeeeee, je suis morte. – Aieeeeeee, I’m dead.



Ok, I suppose the last two scenarios were totally unnecessary since they both end up in the emergency room of the first scene anyway. But I really wanted to emphasise to you the potency these cupcakes hold.

Anyone still with me? Good. Bless you with your natural human curiosity and hunger (intentionally said :P)

These are a gem, a treasure and unforgettable. Like all treasure, the journey is hard to reach it but the feeling when you finish your quest. The dirt (frosting) in your hair, your hands sticky with mud (caramel), Your crew (pots and pans) behind you scattered in disarray. But you have made it. And slowly, you lift the treasure out of its chest and see it in its full glory.

The gold coins streaming on every side.

65The large black diamond goblet that holds it together.

8The structure of pure pearls on top.

7The chunks of jewels on top.

You savour each part which makes up the treasure and you begin to take it apart bit by bit. Hands are shaking, blood is swiftly coursing through your veins. And suddenly, you strike beneath the jewels and gold. To the best of what the treasure contains.

An jewel  so potent and powerful and priceless (even I am blabbering) that lesser people (like in the scenarios) will collapse before it.

And it is finally yours…


Yes, that was the only way I could explain to you about these cupcakes.

These snickers cupcakes.

These caramel snickers cupcakes.

These chocolate caramel snickers cupcakes.

121Truly it is a treasure trove. We start off with a soft and crumby but sturdy dark chocolate cupcake. Hidden inside, we find chopped up pieces of Snickers bars which have been coated (and coated again) in a homemade rich caramel sauce. Topped off is an off-white caramel frosting. Drizzled over is more caramel sauce, and garnish is more Snickers.

Do you believe me now, when I say this is only for the us strong folk with sweet teeth of steel?

This is another recipe from Annie Eats. All Hail.

141You may find it here.

And I have very little things to say because it is pretty obvious how I feel about these cupcakes

  • I made 1/3 recipe – if you do, make 1/2 the caramel sauce because it ran a little scarce for me (generous aren’t I)
  • Next time I will replace butter with melted peanut butter in the cupcakes to keep in with the Snickers theme
  • A tip: When reheating caramel, do it in twenty – ten second bursts -it heats up very quickly
  • A tip #2: It is ok to use the caramel for drizzling when it still feels pretty warm – it will not melt the frosting or the chocolate, only coat the way it is supposed but the warmth gives it the right consistency

And now here are some pictures to really get you salivating

1. Homemade Caramel Sauce






10And if you even dream think my chocolate obsession has finally culminated into this one boom post you are wrong – I shall see you next week for my Nutella Baking Week…

131Stay tuned 🙂

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  4. These do look dangerous in the sense that they could be very addictive. I would have to promise them to someone else before I made them, just to insure I would not eat a bunch.
    I love the presentation-it really does hook you into wanting to eat one. Also, the suggestions on the re-make are definitely worth a try. Thanks for sharing these lovely creations-buzz buzz!


  5. I have to agree with that these cupcakes are gems and jewels with outstanding look. Its so amazing and even someone like me don’t really get into cakes and desserts can’t stop drooling and for those who love desserts and cakes, they will be jumping high up.


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