Chocolate Shortbread Meets Coconut Cream Pie Xmas Present

The season is finally upon my household! And the Christmas baking has begun! 🙂

Don’t you love this time of the year???
Well, silly question – everyone does. Let us move on.

I am not a traditional dessert maker. Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean I make red, green and white cakes only or bake gingerbread houses. I bake what I feel like and incorporate my own Christmas spirit into it – a.k.a Love and utter enjoyment.

33Now see, this coconut chocolate slice seemed to embody exactly what message I was trying to convey – and it was totally in theme with my coconut cravings this week as well 🙂

We start off with a crumbly, shortbread base all buttery and chocolate-y with the added flavour of melted chocolate. Then, simply combine that with the delicious flavours of what, to me, seems like the perfect filling for a coconut cream pie – a smooth, silky coconut and sweetened condensed milk slop-turned crispy decadent in the oven. Top that with a chocolate topping and you can call me Santa (Santress?)

I did mention that this was a Christmas Present and that is true – it is for the man who made my teeth the straight perfection they are today in comparison to the stunningly (sarcasm) chipmunk-ly, overbite-d, upside down hole of a mouth of teeth I used to have – I owe you one Dr F! Since I am on retainers at night (don’t tell but I sometimes forget to wear them!), I see him really little now so I hope he likes this early Xmas present and goes home with a stomach like Santa!

42Merry Christmas has begun!!!

P.S Here is my tree – isn’t she the cutest, most adorably stunning little artificial tree you have ever seen?

13I got this recipe for coconut chocolate slice from, one of the most searched sites in my lifetime – I think in every major food blogger’s actually 🙂
It had been bookmarked for quite some time so I thought it was about time to dust it off and start baking it 🙂

My Adaptations and Recommendations (as always – love it!)

  • 23I baked my shortbread for 10-11 minutes initially instead of 15 because over-cooked shortbread is one of my biggest fears
  • I recommend non-dark chocolate lovers use a mix of both milk and dark chocolate for melting into the base as well as in the topping – I used 75g milk and 75g dark in my topping (I made 1/2 the recipe as always)
  • When cutting the slice, make sure it has been refrigerated OVERNIGHT (not 20 minutes) and cut with the tip of the knife going down first since the filling has a slightly gooey tendency and can come out

That is about it – what are you baking for Christmas???


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      Just a note that it requires verification 😛
      And I know exactly what you mean about coconut – addictive enough as it is but with chocolate: what an explosion!!!


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