What I Want For Breakfast, Lunch And Tea

Think back, think way back to when you were a kid – I am talking 7 or 8 years old. Weren’t parents so annoying?

“Drink your milk three times a day, eat your egg, eat your *shudder* soggy spinach and overcooked mushy peas!”

Oh, and in some classic Indian cases

“Have one more bowl of daal (lentils), eat more roti, you are a vegetarian AND therefore need more protein therefore let me overfeed you with beans and soya etc.”

Come to think of it, these are not way back memories for me at all, rather day to day occurrences. But let us get back to reminiscing… 😛
As a child, did you not want to fling down your spoon and retort back “I don’t wanna!”?
If you didn’t, either you were one very good child or had a tastebuds of steel or were just a little weird…

I ask you now? What did you ‘wanna’?

43I know I wanna-ed (actually, this is not talking past tense):

  • Eat lots of warm rice and buttermilk with a touch of butter, no daal attached
  • Eat mars bars as my lunch (oh my gosh, ILY mars bars forever)
  • Dive into a pool of chocolate and have a fondue breakfast to ‘wake me up’ of course
  • Have one day (two, three, a lifetime) where I do not have to control my urges (which even with the amount of baking + eating I do, are kept strictly under check) and pay no regard to those blasted 7 nutrients which ‘keep me healthy’ – Huh… physically maybe but mentally, I am one frustrated teen!

I reckon my dream menu back when I saw half my age and half my size would have run along the lines of chips and lollies and chocolate and more chips!

Being the sophisticated, obviously fully controlled and worldly experienced teen I am now, my menu has progressed to say fruit loops and hash browns for breakfast, maybe a packet of starburst in between, nachos and wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli for lunch, Nutella panini for afternoon snack, a wedge of mudcake with ice cream for dinner followed by a sundae. If you can possibly get any worse, please tell me now so I can adjust myself 🙂

63One change I do have to make in my menu which is so blaringly obvious is my need for pancakes. Specifically the pancakes I made today for lunch since I was too hungry to be bothered for breakfast. Specifically the pancakes I would happily eat during my ‘monster bad break up/suspended/whatever problem’ day.

And now you are horribly curious as to what kind of pancakes these are no?

It involved

  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate
  • Biscuits

And obviously you know what they are now but I will still give them a name – S’mores Pancakes 🙂

S’mores – An American originated campfire treat consisting of the hot embers of a campfire melting a marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two digestive biscuits. Turn that into pancakes gives you (me!) 7th heaven.

I saw this recipe on the awesome blog Sweet Luvin’ In The Kitchen. One of my favourite haunts, this recipe kind of stuck out to me – and today when I was home alone (glory days), no parents telling me to eat something healthy instead of or with it, I knew it was my time to ‘do what I wanna’

And I did. With a little bit of a twist. Actually a major twist. Check them out:

  • Well, for one thing I changed the name to Candy S’mores Pancakes – see, there are so many variations to the original s’more, I am sure it is acceptable in terms of pancakes too
  • Why did I change the name? Because who needs chocolate, plain old chocolate!? I used a mixture of chopped up Twix, Malteser, Snickers, Galaxy Caramel and Mars Bars from my 24Celebrations Box
  • I scattered in some of those chocolate rocks since they are never endingly gracing my baking pantry – the best thing was that the colours ran and melded together to make a light red batter!
  • I used a collection of Christmas cookies we are going through right now and instead of crumbing them, I broke them up into pieces and used an extra 1/4 cup flour
  • I added in vanilla essence (because I always do) 🙂
  • I used a different marshmallow syrup recipe – kind of an amped up version of the original I guess

This was my take on a s’mores pancake. It was fluffy, it was fat and it was far out. I had so much and I still could have eaten more. Laziness is a virtue sometimes.

53Here is my marshmallow topping recipe – made on the spot because just marshmallows (not even the fluff since it isn’t sold in Australia) and boiling water won’t cut it

For 1/4 recipe, this is more than enough sauce:


  • 10-11 white chocolate squares from a Cadbury Baking Block
  • 2 tbs butter
  • 1/4 cup mini marshmallows (or fluff) – mine were pink and white therefore my sauce had a pretty pink tinge
  • 2-3 tsp boiling water


  1. Place all ingredients except water in a microwave safe bowl
  2. Heat in 20 second intervals, mixing in between, until the butter has melted, the marshmallows are sticking to one another and the white chocolate is also completely melted (mine took first 20 seconds, then another 15)
  3. Pour in boiling water 1 tsp at a time, mixing in between or until the marshmallows have almost completely dissolved and the sauce is smooth
  4. Let sit for 5 minutes before pouring over your pancakes to serve

Enjoy 🙂

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P.S. On the 20th of January 2012, this became an entry into the delightful Teenz’ Yummy Delight’s Valentines Day Event – check it out now :)

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    • This is tthe ultimate Valentines day breakfast – unfortunately sharing is very hard so please make a big batch 😉
      And I want to publicise your event as much as I can – it is so much fun and I can’t wait to see your collection!

      Choc Chip Uru


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  3. Kim Bee says:

    This post made me giggle. I crave like an 8 year old most days so I can relate. I behave some days but today I’ve had after eights, turtles, doritos, lays plain chips, rockets, gum drops, pepsi and tacos. Yup, super mature diet. I’ll behave tomorrow though. It’s a snow day today (not technically cuz it’s the weekend but I declared it one anyway) so I figure I can eat anything I want. These pancakes are sure making me drool and want pancakes. But then I’d have to get off the couch right.


    • I know – my ‘off days’ are quite frequent and I eat whatever I want whenever I want as much as I want 😉
      As hard as couch-offing is, I think you better do it for these pancakes – I promise it will help you in the long run 😀

      Choc Chip Uru


  4. CCU, I think there is a s’more epidemic speeding through the food blog universe. Is it a December/January thing that’s new to the internet or will it continue on month after month until we all turn into marshmallows. Love your addition to the problem! Someone needs to create a s’mores cookbook.


    • I am in complete agreement with you – to be honest I would be more than happy to solve the problem and make a cookbook – no matter what version you make, the taste of s’mores is inspired 🙂
      And turning into a marshmallow – so totally not all bad!!

      Choc Chip Uru (I like CCU ;))


  5. spicegirlfla says:

    wow…marshmellow topping on pancakes! Now that’s breakfast turned dessert! The most important part of eating heatlhy is knowing who you are and what your cravings are. Indulge but always return to healthy!!


  6. balvinder says:

    I tell my daughter to put some healthy food in her plate if she is eating junk. She does not like anything white, so milk is complete No,No. I have told her about your blog and your nutella and chocolate obsession like her.
    She would be more than happy to eat these smores pancakes in lunch rather than black chana which I am making for lunch.


    • I think your daughter would be a friend to me 🙂 – milk is my enemy! And you sound just like my mother, sneaking salad with my spaghetti 😛
      But we know you do it because you care 😀
      Glad to know she would enjoy these pancakes!!!

      Choc Chip Uru


  7. You have turned pancakes into a wonderful dessert here. I would serve these at the end of a meal-yum!
    I always wonder if the parents “you must eat this” really has any impact on your eating habits or it is just an irritating ritual. Have a great weekend my friend!


    • I know right? I could totally frost in between and on top of these layers and voila – pancake um cake 😛
      And glad to see you agree with my parent opinion (though I am sure I will be the same at that point in my life!)

      Choc Chip Uru


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