Nutella Baking Week Continued: Strawberry Nutella Thumbprint Cookies And Homemade Strawberry Milk

“I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie wooorrlllldd”
“Life in plastic. It’s fantastic.”

Barbie Girl by Aqua

Yep, that’s right, Nutella baking week has taken a barbie-fied turn to placate all the divas, the girly girls, the princesses, the fairies and pink lovers in general. There is no place here today for boorish brutes or yucky muck or anything like that – sorry boys 😛

312If you can’t dress in pink, don’t even think!

Why did I take such an extraordinarily pink turn in my Nutella week? It definitely was not because I liked the two recipes this combination post involves or anything and found them interesting. Not at all *sarcasm*…

No, actually see, my fairy godmother sent me a message from her iWand saying how the all the princesses she knew and fairies were starting to gossip and get a little well, let me put this in the nicest way possible – girl angry with me – since they had a problem with all the recipes that had been posted so far.

102Sleeping Beauty: “I can’t eat that, the molten lava cake will drip on my dress – I would be eating lying down you know!”

Tinkerbelle: “I can’t eat that, the kheer, I’ll fall into it!”

Lola Bunny: “I can’t eat that, the fudgy brownie will get stuck in my teeth!”

Barbie: “I eat that? I confuse scroll flakes with hair!”


Here is what I really wanted to say (being the last thing from a girly girl that I am…)

SB: “Go get kissed already!”

Tinkerbelle: “What, sorry I didn’t hear you, where are you?”

Lola Bunny: “I finished with my braces last year, you want them?”

Barbie: “You understand me *drawled*? Me, friend.”


But here is what I did. I just made a recipe which would surely pacify them. Sorry, I made two recipes which would pacify them. Honestly, I did not want any cat fights or claws or hair wrenching coming within 10km of my personal bubble!
No big blogs of brown, no fudgy or slightly thick pudding like texture today. And no spoons required!

213Dainty, delicate and pretty! Fit for the [overly girly] queen!

Recipe 1: Dainty Strawberry Nutella Thumbprint Cookies

Recipe 2: Homemade Strawberry Milk (to serve alongside)

75These recipes are tea/milk party friendly and are supposed to bring out the inner 5 year old in you. I’m talking pink, pink and more pink with a sprinkle of girly on the side. Oops, got another message from the iWand – Fairy godmother wants me to tell you the rules the other princesses and fairies have come up with if you want to eat these delectable dainty delights

“and with a bippity, boppity, boop…”

  1. You can only eat them at a party where there must be at least 2 unicorns present and 2 fluffy teddy bears
  2. You must sip your milk from the finest china
  3. You must wear a pink dress below the knee like a proper lady
  4. There should be no boys unless they are dressed in a black tux, pink rose compulsory, hair combed and pink shirt optional
  5. You must be in a garden with pink roses (white optional)


Finally, now that they’ve left me alone, let’s talk recipe!

First these gorgeous Strawberry Nutella Thumbprint Cookies. From the delightfully Sinfully Spicy, these cookies are small, cute, utterly delicious and very pink (obviously). They have a melt in your mouth texture and when that first hit of Nutella reaches you, it feels like Nutella dipped strawberries all over again!

I did make a couple of changes with these cookies

  • I added 1 egg into the dough – originally eggless, the dough just wasn’t sticking together for me 😛
  • I added strawberry essence instead of vanilla

83And that just about did those 🙂

Second, the beautifully smooth strawberry milk. I was stoked to find this recipe since I am a huge lover of store strawberry milk and to be honest, it is full of artificial flavours, chemicals and preservatives. Finding this alternative makes it an all natural experience with less calories and a better taste to the boot 😀
This recipe gave me strawberry ice cream in milk form, I kid you not. And when I say strawberry ice cream, I am talking like my creamy homemade version 😉

The simple syrup made to be poured into your milk means I didn’t exactly have a range of options to change. All I did was add a touch of strawberry essence – seriously, do you think I am addicted?

And I am sure you can use the same trick for any type of fruit – anyone fancy blueberry milk? Or raspberry milk? Or five berry milk? Excuse my imagination 🙂

Well, I will leave you now to get ready for your own milk-tea parties and to iron your pretty pink dresses 🙂
Gossip, laugh, chatter and get all frou-frou! How utterly berry-licious (cringes when used word!)
Remember the rules but only for today because tomorrow gets very icy cold and those dresses won’t help protect you from what’s coming…

Blog Signature
P.S. I have placed this gorgeous recipe into the awesome blogger Teenz’ Yummy Delights (check it out, so fabulous!) Valentines Day Event! Join you own recipes as well for sure 🙂


Along with this totally loved recipe, I also have these very lovely, made for Valentines Day entries in the event as well


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    • Awww, thank you – now about this cake with the nutella filling where may I find it? I’ll trade you these biscuits (by baking up a new batch :D)
      Thanks for dropping by!!!

      Choc Chip Uru


  2. Eliot says:

    I am laughing so hard right now. Great post (and great blasts from the past from “Barbie Girl” to “Pretty in Pink”). Fantastic looking cookies! I am saving the recipe for V-Day.


    • What would this pink post be without a little ribbing? 😛
      Smiling and then enjoying the food makes it so much tastier!!!
      Let me know how the cookies turn out for V-Day 🙂 – I am sure you will love them!

      Choc Chip Uru


    • I will fill your order as soon as I can 😛
      I am glad you totally enjoyed this post!!! And trust me, if there is anything irresistably, it is strawberries used as the spoon into Nutella!

      Choc Chip Uru


  3. Heather says:

    Strawberry Milk is definitely a throwback to when I was 10 – we lived off the Nesquick Stuff….so bad I know- your version actually is made with rela strawberries, love it!


  4. You have a lot of tasty links here, but the nutella thumbprints are the best in my opinion! Glad you pulled these out right before Valentines-they are perfect. I had to save that recipe -yum!
    The strawberry drink looks refreshing, I will need to try that also.
    Great post! Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Aww thank you – I rather favoured them too because of the gorgeous colouring!
      If you make them, definitely let me know – I would love to know your thoughts!
      Hope you too have a fabulous weekend 🙂

      Choc Chip Uru


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