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Happy Belated Anniversary To My Parents

What you learn to be the basis of a good marriage is often reflected by your parents. How they get along, work with each other as life partners is often subconsciously rubbed off on you and when your time comes, you try and act like that too. My time is very far off – it does not equal boy cooties (:P), more like a big framed picture of Leonardo Di Caprio from Titanic. Alright, if you insist I will hang that in my room.


But my parents, to me, seem like the perfect marriage. I don’t know if they believe in soul mates but I do and I know they are. They love each other, respect each other, regard each other and are the best of friends. And that is exactly what I wish to find someday. Leonardo was a little old but someday 😉

Happy 20th Anniversary Ma, Papa. If anyone deserves this tart it is you. The fact that you guys will willingly share this tart means you have the most solid of relationships.


I can’t begin to express how much I learn from and keep learning from you guys – the way you tease each other. The way you let go of each others’ faults and work around it. The way you show much you care for one another through the little things you do. A surprise present. Making a favourite meal. Going down at midnight to get the other some cereal or a cucumber sandwich.

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I Wanna Be A Billionaire So….. Bad

Yes I know the song was never about a millionaire but this recipe that I made was for a ‘Millionaire’s’ Chocolate Tart – it is all a lie, it should have been for a billionaire.

Also part of my Christmas extravaganza of a party (joking, it was a small affair!), was this tart – how can I explain it? The only way I can actually put it is that it is a mix between a chocolate caramel slice (the link is to the recipe I hope to make in the near future) and a delicious Twix style candy bar… sounds very decadent, rich and perfect for a movie, especially when paired with my popcorn ice cream!

53I admit, I was a little weary of this recipe initially – not off a blog with a story behind it, using 5 eggs (though I could have fared very well on using only 1/2 the recipe for the filling) and a mixture of melted white and dark chocolate… it sounded a little weird but the recipe in itself looked a little too enticing to miss so there – I tried it and boy did I win 🙂 (as did my guests)

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