I Wanna Be A Billionaire So….. Bad

Yes I know the song was never about a millionaire but this recipe that I made was for a ‘Millionaire’s’ Chocolate Tart – it is all a lie, it should have been for a billionaire.

Also part of my Christmas extravaganza of a party (joking, it was a small affair!), was this tart – how can I explain it? The only way I can actually put it is that it is a mix between a chocolate caramel slice (the link is to the recipe I hope to make in the near future) and a delicious Twix style candy bar… sounds very decadent, rich and perfect for a movie, especially when paired with my popcorn ice cream!

53I admit, I was a little weary of this recipe initially – not off a blog with a story behind it, using 5 eggs (though I could have fared very well on using only 1/2 the recipe for the filling) and a mixture of melted white and dark chocolate… it sounded a little weird but the recipe in itself looked a little too enticing to miss so there – I tried it and boy did I win 🙂 (as did my guests)

37Basically you start with a scrumptious homemade (preferably) sweet shortcrust pastry – I used my no fail Lemon Meringue Pie pastry and made and refrigerated it 3 days before actually making the pie, letting it to come to room temperature before rolling.
Blind bake first and then a little bit longer without and you are ready for the next part!
Next, you can make a thick caramel sauce (which I truly did not have the time to and have not found the correct recipe yet and was a bit lazy) or use store bought (I used caramel top ‘n’ fill) and make a nice thick layer on the bottom – Personally, I think maybe I melt some Pascal’s Columbines (or any caramel lolly) with some evaporated milk, let come to room temperature and then voila! – you have a nice thick sauce – similar to the one in my to die for brownies actually 🙂

44Then comes the filling which is so simple – melt butter and chocolate and mix with a pale thick egg-sugar mixture.
Pour into crust (on top of caramel baby) and bake and cool and sift icing sugar and OH MY GOSH, this makes me high!!!

Due to my current Nutella obsession which has been rearing its head lately, I have also adapted this recipe to accept a Nutella version of a Twix bar tart by cutting the butter back to 4 tbs (56g) and adding in 1/2 cup of Nutella into the melting process, while lowering the white chocolate quantity to 50g.

Pie Deliciousness

So anyway – please enjoy this fabulous recipe from BBC’s Good Food Magazine Website – it is a perfect joy even sans [without] popcorn ice cream and although I felt apprehensive at first, I assure you there is really nothing to worry about at all – ENJOY! And hope this might make an addition at your Christmas desserts!!!

17Oh… P.s – Before I go, just want to tell you that you can use any weird combo you want if caramel doesn’t fit your fancy (then why are you here huh?? :P) – I recommend some Marshmallow Fluff for s’moring away, or some peanut butter topped with sliced bananas in dedication to Elvis, some strawberry jam for a taste of summer OR, you can richen it even more by using not caramel, but dulce de leche!!!

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  1. Jess says:

    I know it’s a little late but this tart was amazing!!!! I loved the combination with the popcorn flavoured ice cream. Perfect balance of flavours!!!


  2. How tasty this must be!-I would be hard pressed to share this gem of a tart with anyone. You do have some wonderful ingredients in there. Perhaps this year is the time to add some unique goodies to the holiday table. This one may be the start of a new tradition-simply delicious. Have a great weekend!


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