Chocolate Chip Baking Week 9: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake (Thickshake)

I got the idea from here – those are some talented and creative cooks at Two Peas & Their Pod! But that is where the similarities end between my milkshake creation and theirs… and that is a good thing for me 😛

Let me put one thing straight – I cannot consider this a milkshake. This is a THICKSHAKE. My straw was having trouble slurping this up so I basically ended up scooping it out and eating it with a spoon – and it was so worth it! Vying for the ‘Most Creative Chocolate Chip Dough/Cookie’ section winner, I can’t say this beats that double chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (perhaps since I am a little partial to ice cream…) but it came very close.

118See, I was a little apprehensive about this shake. Ever tried Max Brenner’s Cookie Shake? It tastes like Oreo cookies crumbled and drowned in a porridge consisting of rolled oats, weetbix and that gross Up ‘n’ Go! *Shudders*

Since I was so naive approximately 4-5 hours ago, I thought this recipe might turn out something like that. Maybe turn single delicious elements into a huge sludge which makes you want to barf. But I was so happily wrong.

You know the method – everyone does – toss the ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth (this requires a LOT of blending – keep going because even though the top may look ready and delicious, the bottom is usually still chunky – if that is how you roll, cool!). But it is the ingredients that matter.

The original recipe is for pure, clean cut milkshake (THICKSHAKE) lovers who like simple things, like my brother who never has anything except a chocolate milk/thick shake. My recipe is for the dangerous, daring and ultimate nutters who like their desserts/drinks out there, proud and bursting with flavour.

Let me do a comparison: 🙂

318See how different our baking styles are? But you need variety so not a problem!

I reckon you can do this with any type of cookie. For example, caramel cookies, put in caramel syrup, honeycomb ice cream, garnish with honeycomb chocolate et voila!

I love this recipe since you can (obviously) make it your own. Why don’t you give it a shot if you have some surplus cookies lying around (what kind of person are you! :P)

217My last post for this week tomorrow: Look forward to some ice cream chocolate chip cookies (confused yet?) 😀

All my love and good night!

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  1. May your Christmas sparkle with moments of joy, love, laughter & family time. May the year ahead be full of contentment and love.
    Wishing you all the best, and loads of smile, not only for upcoming Holidays but for every day in a year. Have a Merry Christmas!!!


    • You are very sweet to post this 🙂
      I wish all of it straight back to you. I hope you and your family enjoy this magical, festive season to the maximum and beyond and gain every ounce of happiness and good cheer in return.
      You deserve a wonderful Christmas and best of luck in this New Year!!


  2. Anu Dixit says:

    Hey girl

    Love your posts. This one seems to be a bit closer to my heart. Chocolate and ice-cream a winner combination. Keep them rolling. Aunty anu


    • Thank you!!
      When you say it is sinful, it is actually double sinful (for the thighs) 😛
      But all the energy which goes into the anticipation while it is churning definitely makes up for it – a delicious treat I recommend for sure 🙂


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