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Date Cake Turned Cookie

I love it when two completely different categories of sweet food items come together – cake batter ice cream, apple pie cookies, fudgy brownie cake – the list is truly endless.

So when I came across these sticky date cookies in my very reliable source of Woman’s Day, I was ecstatic. I love sticky date cake, especially the one from Gourmet Pizza Kitchen – You give me that cake, some caramel sauce and some vanilla ice cream and you will literally send me into a trance. You’ll send my brother out of this world, as seen by his love of the homemade sticky date pudding I made on his birthday last year 🙂

In order to make these cookies truly reminiscent of the traditional pudding cake, you do need the make the simple and delicious caramel icing – but of course, if you read my blog you would know, of my family’s ‘cut back sugar’ campaign so that did  not happen 😦

What did happen though (after a LOT of adapting I have to add) was a  deliciously soft and chewy cookie quite similar to the caramel drizzled one found at the Cookie Man in their indulgent range 🙂

212It had a lot of deep and dark sweetness due to the brown sugar and golden syrup combination which matched the sweetness of the dates to perfection without overdoing it – team that with oats and melted butter and Voila! – You have a similar to Anzac Cookie style sticky date cake inside a cookie 🙂

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Not A Regular Cookie

Finally! I just want to say how great it is that I have made a chocolate cookie – from the date it has been over a week since I was cooking with chocolate (*gasps in shock*)

Anyways, have you heard that saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Well, if you haven’t, it is pretty self-explanatory in saying that when you get an opportunity in life, make something of it!

It is deep, meaningful and I believe in it completely. Especially today 🙂

4You see, I have taken this life lesson to mean basically to me “When school gives you a strike, use it to do the thing you love most” – And I think you agree that for me that is cooking!

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Almond Popping Over Again

I swear, my house is a cookie baking factory this weekend – and none of them chocolate which should truly come as the biggest surprise!!! What is going on???
Well, anyways, do you remember me explaining my almond meal dilemma to you?

Yes well, I scrapped the traditional shortbread I was planning to make and opted for this delicious almond shortbread recipe from Joy of Baking – I obviously adore her almond cookies 🙂

68There is really not much to say about these cookies – as expected from any good shortbread, they have a melt in your mouth texture and crumble at the touch of a finger. Be warned that no matter how much you prick (mine is so holey it’s not funny!), your biscuit will definitely puff up at one stage and then suddenly deflate – no need to worry 😀

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Adventures All Round

It’s apt don’t you agree that I should discover the delights of polenta at exactly the same time we get our new boat for the pool – THE EXPLORER 200?

312While in the pool my bro and myself hope to discover treasure, sunken ships, mermaids and maybe the earring I lost last summer. We shall go on adventures way beyond the edge of the earth (the end of the pool) and we shall conquer all in our way (yeah, I’m looking at you dead bugs in the pool!)
We shall maneuver around the coral reefs and stay clear of huge rocks which would cause our boat to crash (deflate…)

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Feeling Spectacular

We have an overload of almond meal in our house. Don’t ask me why because I myself do not understand but all I know is that at once stage, there were over 10 packets :p

I really gained an appreciation I suppose for almond meal this way through my grandmother’s almond burfi, this delicious frangipane tart and many other sweet dishes. This appreciation however did not whether away the massive supply of almond meal however.

So I decided to find a delicious almond meal cookie recipe because as you know, that is one of the few ‘desserts’ or ‘sweet things’ which is eaten at my house on a regular basis (I question my background sometimes!). The opportunity was also perfect since my grandparents needed a nice large batch for a trip as well. I love coincidences like that!!!

I headed over to Joy Of Baking and found these cookies – Speculaas. Yes, I had no idea what they were but by substituting all almond meal and no plain flour, I knew I would use up quite a bit of meal so I really wasn’t too bothered.

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Blacks Dots In Yellow Haze

What else could it be but lemons and poppyseeds?

There have been many a cake and muffin but when I chanced upon this recipe of cookies, I had to make them. For many reasons too.


1. Love the combination of citrus and poppyseed – so light and refreshing

2. This recipe can be easily changed to be orange, lime (add a little extra sugar) etc.

3. The recipe was fast and easy and due to the morning tea-with-light-cookie habit at my house, it would be perfect =)

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Ravioli can apparently become a cookioli…

Actually Written: TODAY =D

According to the brilliant Bakingdom, a favourite blog of mine, the title is true. She
did even give proof of her own beautiful cookie! So I was intrigued and had to try it. End of story. It was brilliance x2 (because of the 2 flavours!)


Have I mentioned I am on a quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie? No? Well, so is every other baker so I am guessing you probably figured. Anyway, I have some
categories for all the recipes I try. I am a chewy soft lover (Exclusively Food winning that section) and now for my crisp and crunchy (my mum’s style) I have the chocolate chip dough from this cookioli!

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Lemon Butter in the morning

Actually Written: 9th September 2011

Daddy came home with a jar of homemade Lemon Butter as a gift. Mum looked at it, sighed at the over generosity and put it in the fridge to use later.
She didn’t think of a way to use it later.

I tried it with a bit of croissant, even though I was way too full. It was awesome. It would taste even better if I warmed up the croissant,slathered with the butter and sprinkled over dry fruit.


But I controlled myself. And I am regretting it to this day (2 days later)
I got up eager in the morning, so eager even though I had Pharyngitis.

The last croissant was stale.

A cockatoo ate it.

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