Cookies/Cookie Sandwiches

Chocolate Chip Baking Week 7: Thick And Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am asking you a very personal question – have you ever had that dream where you are eating a giant marshmallow but on waking, are actually chewing on your pillow? No?

Good because obviously neither have I. But I believe now that should I ever happen to have this dream (stranger things have happened, I assure you!), it won’t be a giant, fluffy marshmallow I am devouring. It will be this cookie, only ultra mega-sized.

215I kid you not, this cookie has simply taken up the position as winner of the Thick and Cakey section as if it was born to be there. And as its name suggests, it obviously was. When you bite into one of these darlings, it feels as if your teeth are chomping through a never ending bite of soft, chewy cookie dough pillow. It delivers twice the POW of a normal cookie due to the extraordinary thickness.

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 6: Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else”

My latest obsession of a song, it totally conveys my emotions felt towards this ice cream. Ever since formal, this song has been running through my head on repeat and when I made this ice cream, I felt like screaming this song into the sky. No joke.
The only difference is that this song definitely knows it’s beautiful. It ain’t looking at the ground (that would be sacrilege) and it doesn’t have hair to flip (uh, gross?) and boy, can everyone in the room see that it is beautiful.

63Needless to say, this has kicked out the delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes out of the ‘Most Creative Chocolate Chip Dough/Cookie’ category because, honestly, I don’t think anything could ever compete. Or, perhaps eating this ice cream on top of the Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes could 😛

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 5: Chocolate Chip Mini Cheesecakes

These gorgeous babies were included in this baking week as vying for a part in the ‘Most Creative Use Of Chocolate Chip Cookie/Dough’. No, they did not win at all, beating the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes was a hard call but I do believe next time I make them, things might get a little heated between the two – and I assure you there will be a next time 🙂

214The only real contribution made concerning chocolate chip cookies or their dough when I made this was really only crushing up the Mrs Field’s version of my first chocolate chip cookie tried (the last remaining after my brother and his mates happily polished off the rest :P) in the crust and adding chocolate chips into the batter, as the name suggests.

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 4: Eggless White Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

Being Indian, I know many people who have an aversion to eggs – whether it be religious or personal choice. My own mother hounds me day after day due to the stench of ‘egg’ in the kitchen on freshly washed dishes. So I decided, for fun, to pop in an eggless chocolate chip cookie recipe – and there is no doubt that this recipe is a keeper.

While it would not be a grand prize winner in any of my categories, this is a really good practical recipe, easy to make desserts from as a base for example like: a Philadelphia style homemade ice cream sandwich, for those unable to eat egg – remember that aunty who can’t eat egg?

213Unlike the past chocolate chip cookie recipes made in this week already, these have a very crackly appearance due to the lack of binding agent and also have a crunchy, sugary exterior hiding a soft and chewy and utterly divine interior – similar to the brown sugar chocolate chip cookies but not that extent of softness.

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 3: Brown Butter Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wow. This is just wow. I can’t even begin to explain it. These have come the closest so far to kicking my original favourite off its high horse.

410Where do I begin with these cookies? They are so different to any other recipe for one thing when it comes to classic chocolate chip cookies – I mean let’s see, they:

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 2: Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies

No elements of thin and crispy in this cookie, I assure you! These cookies were chewy heaven and so soft, that the term ‘melt in mouth’ kind of took on a new meaning. Unlike the Mrs Field’s version of yesterday which had a crispy outer layer and chewy inner and didn’t win a placing (though it was delicious nonetheless), this cookie is:


  • Winner of the ‘Soft and Chewy’ category so far, kicking out the divine but no longer placed White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie
  • Thick and initially very puffy but without a ‘cakey’ texture so common in thick cookies – this was all chewy, soft puff which did deflate on cooling (an indent for Nutella in my case at one stage :))

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 1: Mrs Field’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

What makes Mrs Field’s Cookies so fabulous? Is it the soft and chewy factor, the delicious always-freshly-baked smell it gives off or the abundance of chocolate chip cookies? Personally, although they are not my favourite chocolate chip cookie in the marketplace, I think it is that sweet sugary crunch you get with each bite, reminiscent of eating cookie dough where the sugar has not caramelised.

47I was desperately trying to find a recipe for her chocolate chip cookies for this week – it was nowhere on the internet but this site claimed this recipe was legitimate. So I made this recipe and oh my gosh, they were much loved, much revered and had these qualities of the REAL chocolate chip cookie so globally loved:

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Stain Glass Window Cookies And A Final Goodbye

As Christmas approaches, formal approaches and basically, everything points towards the end of another school year. While this is truly fantastic as by going into Year 11, I am finally given the opportunity to study what I want, rather than pointless topography maps in geography, this is also rather sad – my food tech classes finally come to an end, the monotony of study without a decent break in the middle of the week begins and my food blogging must be controlled (but definitely done :))

1I feel a sense of loss at this change – it was expected so I don’t understand why it seems to hit so hard that it is over – I can only suppose it is because I shall never be taught by Ms D again, never bake or cook with friends in that atmosphere and never feel the pride in having a connoisseur smile and say the food you made tastes good – I will miss it all.

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3-Ingredient Coconut Bombs

Sometimes you come across a cookie that catches your eye. In my case, this happens quite a lot but when a cookie has a short ingredient list and a delicious name – it really stands out!!!

These cookies are tropical paradise – unlike those sincerely delicious chocolate cookies which require a large glass of Nutella Milk (since I simply detest ordinary milk and everything tastes better when Nutella is involved), these coconut bombs require a large tropical smoothie, maybe a non-alcoholic Pina Colada pineapple crush served with pineapple pulp and crushed ice. Yea, that’s it.

41Why? Why would I serve it as such?
Because these cookies do not consist of butter, eggs sugar and flour. They are not the usual heaviness (good heaviness) which comes with cookies and therefore need to be eaten with a drink which refreshes and rejuvenates as well as makes you think of surfs, beaches and shiny, sunny days – a good picture for the upcoming Christmas vacation no?

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Whoops + Melting Moments

I told you I had to bake again today and here it is – the most delicious, melt in your mouth recipe for Melting Moments. I can’t explain enough how simple and effective this recipe is in delivering a crunchy exterior cookie with a soft inner, touched up with lemony frosting in between – it is my dream pillow…

Why the whoops? Well, hehe, funny story, you’ll die laughing when you hear this – I used wholemeal flour instead of plain. Because I couldn’t obviously tell the two apart… oh dear, oh my…

3You see, there are no labels in our home and really, why should there be – when I look at it now, it is so easy to tell the difference between the two! But, I am going to blame my sickness and say that it scrambled my brains and made me use wholemeal flour in this delightful cookie which is still just as delicious may I add… just not as pretty you know…

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