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Diwali Baking #1

Hello my friends!
After an insane week of exams and hair pulling and eye gouging (no, this is not female wrestling), I am back to bake weekly after a brilliant night of Footloose-ing with mates (ILY Willard, Rusty’s blue prom dress!)

Like in my procrastination post before this one (oops!), I was saying how many things are fast approaching (and not just baking wise)

One of these is DIWALI! Indian festival of colours, this is the time when our house is the lightest on our street 😀

For Diwali is Indian equivalent to Christmas I’d say so we go around eating rich Indian curries (mutter paneer and stuffed cheese naan – YUM) and giving out presents – This year I was commissioned to bake for a couple of families specifically by my dear mother – DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?


  • I bake full recipes instead of quarters and eighths!
  • I bake during the night because it is a lot of work getting out cakes and truffles all day long!
  • I decorate the desserts!
  • I see big fat smiles (touchwood so far…)

57My first recipe was a German Chocolate Cake. It is for my brilliant godparents. Dam do they deserve this cake which I am so happy to give to them!!!

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Super Crazy Milkshake #1: Milo

This is absolutely, definitely the last thing I make – I must not let baking distract my person! But dam, if I want to have something to lift me off my feet, this is the one!

I am not even going to give you a recipe for this. Just the inspiration which was from this brilliant genius of a blogger!!!


Honestly, hands up who has ever put in cereal when they make a milkshake? I have gone so far as to use chocolate and caramel ice cream, mars bars, chocolate syrup and homemade excess caramel syrup from this cheesecake but something as simple as beautiful cereal never even occurred to me!

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The Monkey Within – Banana Bread #1

I wish to unleash my banana loving spirit (which I believe every human deep down has inherited from our ancestors) by trying to find the best banana bread recipe.

My family find banana bread to be a staple breakfast or snack. We go out – Banana bread. We have a coffee – Banana bread and wow, watch out because when they mix it up, it becomes a fruit and nut bread.


In order to satisfy said family, I decided to find a perfect one which is quick and easy to whip up (despite Australia’s horrendous banana prices). This one was the first one I tried and OBVIOUSLY, I got it from Exclusively Food as my starting point.

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Blacks Dots In Yellow Haze

What else could it be but lemons and poppyseeds?

There have been many a cake and muffin but when I chanced upon this recipe of cookies, I had to make them. For many reasons too.


1. Love the combination of citrus and poppyseed – so light and refreshing

2. This recipe can be easily changed to be orange, lime (add a little extra sugar) etc.

3. The recipe was fast and easy and due to the morning tea-with-light-cookie habit at my house, it would be perfect =)

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Ravioli can apparently become a cookioli…

Actually Written: TODAY =D

According to the brilliant Bakingdom, a favourite blog of mine, the title is true. She
did even give proof of her own beautiful cookie! So I was intrigued and had to try it. End of story. It was brilliance x2 (because of the 2 flavours!)


Have I mentioned I am on a quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie? No? Well, so is every other baker so I am guessing you probably figured. Anyway, I have some
categories for all the recipes I try. I am a chewy soft lover (Exclusively Food winning that section) and now for my crisp and crunchy (my mum’s style) I have the chocolate chip dough from this cookioli!

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10 Minute Microwave Apple Crumble

Actually Written: 22nd September 2011

I am a lazy person
There, I admit it. What are you going to do about it? Admit it. Sometimes waiting for an oven seems like a lifetime, especially when your batter is slowly decreasing in amount… That is where the microwave comes in.

Now I make many microwave desserts. A brilliant 5 minute chocolate cake, cheesecake and want to try brownies. The only thing that has failed is a peanut butter cookie. I want to add this to my repertoire. Simple, perfect and beautiful to eat.

This crumble is warm and tender and reminds me of a big hug at 12 midnight!



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Traditional Ooey-Gooey

Actually Written: Term 3 2011

Well, hello beautiful!


You like puff pastry? Yeah me too. You like custard? Well, funny that, so do I! You like icing? Pshaw, why did I even ask!

Well, this vanilla slice recipe gives you the lot. Yea everything oozing out of layers with the prettiest matchstick design we got taught (I guess you now know it is a school recipe).

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If you’re feeling passionate… use passionfruit

Actually Written: 10th September 2011

Personally I quite like sweetened condensed milk. It is used in cheesecakes, fudges and even ice cream. It’s very versatile. Like this slice.


Lemony but sweet. Crunchy seeds in a soft and smooth texture. I like it. I like it a lot.

Unfortunately, the reason behind this slice is quite sad. No, no deaths, no rat plagues, no lack of chocolate. Procrastination. Pure and simple. A 5 minute English speech will force you to do that. 5 MINUTES!

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Lemon Butter in the morning

Actually Written: 9th September 2011

Daddy came home with a jar of homemade Lemon Butter as a gift. Mum looked at it, sighed at the over generosity and put it in the fridge to use later.
She didn’t think of a way to use it later.

I tried it with a bit of croissant, even though I was way too full. It was awesome. It would taste even better if I warmed up the croissant,slathered with the butter and sprinkled over dry fruit.


But I controlled myself. And I am regretting it to this day (2 days later)
I got up eager in the morning, so eager even though I had Pharyngitis.

The last croissant was stale.

A cockatoo ate it.

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Scone Meets the Easter Bunny

Actually Written: Term 2 2011

2011 Easter Bunny footsteps have long been cleaned off our patio but the memory of these hot cross buns remain. Perfectly sweet with a
soft bread inner and plump, juicy raisins, this recipe is tops!

We actually made it during a ‘bread making day’ for food tech. I know, my teacher got us out of the mundane classes we all hate to bake bread.

Yes, well, anyway, I recommend trying this recipe. It’s easy, not fast, no definitely not (why else would it take a day!) but the results are worth it.


Also, try mixing up your add-ins a little – chocolate chips (I know you were thinking that, don’t pretend), dried cranberries (a personal favourite) etc.

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