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Nutella Baking Week Continued: Nutella Ice Cream

Before the real post begins, I am sorry to say I won’t be able to show you any frozen ice cream ball photos since it needs to freeze overnight or at least 5-6 hours and I won’t be home tonight to do the blog post. Sincerest apologies. But you won’t be angry in the first place. 512***************************************************************************** I think the entire blogging world knows the simple, quick and delicious Nutella Ice Cream recipes. Evaporated Milk + Nutella + Ice Cream Maker = Nutella Ice Cream Continue reading

Nutella Baking Week Continued: Strawberry Nutella Thumbprint Cookies And Homemade Strawberry Milk

“I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie wooorrlllldd”
“Life in plastic. It’s fantastic.”

Barbie Girl by Aqua

Yep, that’s right, Nutella baking week has taken a barbie-fied turn to placate all the divas, the girly girls, the princesses, the fairies and pink lovers in general. There is no place here today for boorish brutes or yucky muck or anything like that – sorry boys 😛

312If you can’t dress in pink, don’t even think!

Why did I take such an extraordinarily pink turn in my Nutella week? It definitely was not because I liked the two recipes this combination post involves or anything and found them interesting. Not at all *sarcasm*…

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Nutella Baking Week Continued: Nutella Kheer (Rice Pudding)

It’s time to vitalise, rejuvenise and exercise and… wait. Who am I kidding? It feels like it’s 100 degrees (C) here!!! Sorry, the word I was trying to find was

It’s time to traditionalise 😀

How could this Nutella baking week even think to continue without putting in a total desi (Indian word for patriotic) dish right? So I had a trawl through the web, searching for all the favourites like gulaab jamun and rasgulla and even laddoo, putting a ‘Nutella’ in front. I won’t say there were no entries but certainly none I deemed trustworthy. And none that had any pull or persuasive food photos. Boring!

510Finally, I came to kheer, and from memory, Google came up with an error. I was about to give up on this idea of mine when I realised that the Western world did have their own versions of something called rice pudding. And rice pudding is kheer. For crying out loud, I have seen pumpkin kheer (I mean rice pudding :P)

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Nutella Baking Week Continued: 4 Ingredient Nutella Brownie Bites

Today was one very hectic day I must say 🙂

Which is why to continue with this glorious week, I decided on making a recipe I had coveted for many a moon and was super simple.

This takes

  • 2 minutes to mix
  • 41010 minutes to bake
  • 3 seconds to eat (if you are a slow eater of course :P)

Three of the ingredients are something every baker keeps in their pantry – flour, eggs and Nutella. The hazelnuts, our fourth ingredient, is really quite optional.

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Nutella Baking Week Continued: Nutella Chocolate Molten Lava

Yesterday I kick-started this Nutella week into drive (I’m a Learner right now – sheepishly proud :P) with some delicious breakfast scrolls. Today, I am giving you the antithesis of breakfast – a dessert – but by NO means, am ending this week yet. Nice right? 🙂

Warning: If the name has not already given you a heart attack, the following post contains explicit images and strong descriptive language. Not recommended for persons under the age of 5 (guaranteed sugar rush) or over 85 (delicate body systems)

58I think this warning still leaves a lot of leeway for you wonderful people who read my blog 🙂

Now back to this dish. An original Bell’Alimento, this dessert (recipe here) should be knighted. It has a slightly crisp yet fragile and crumby exterior which gives way to the slightest pressure with a spoon to release the molten flowing Nutella lava. It languidly flows all over the plate, soaking into its protective shell of a cake, softening it so it becomes like cake crumbs swimming through chocolate fudge.

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A Breakfast Introduction To Nutella Baking Week

A big and fat welcome to all of you to my first ever Nutella Baking Week!!! *Applause Machine*

This week, it is obviously all about Nutella. Nutella in all different forms, different dishes and always the star ingredient of whatever dish I make. This is a week to commemorate this great gift Italians have so kindly given to the world.


I don’t actually have any sponsors or anyone but I would like to say a few words before this week begins to commemorate a few people and their sites that deserve mention due to their wonderful Nutella obsession.

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A Thicker, Richer Nutella

This is a quick post really – I have cooked and baked a lot more today but since it is for a very special Christmas party, I wouldn’t want to spoil the sweet surprises.

Anyway, you may be pondering over my title – totally understandable – how can this gooey, apparently-for-breakfast spread become a richer and more decadent version of itself?

Quite easy actually and can be done in 2 ingredients (the third is optional) – just make Nutella into Nutella Mousse.

35Amazing what a little (seriously, not much) thickened cream will do when it works its magic with runny Nutella in the comfort of a very cold fridge. What results is a super smooth, perfectly textured mousse which is eggless and gelatin-less and made super fast and super easily.

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3-Ingredient Coconut Bombs

Sometimes you come across a cookie that catches your eye. In my case, this happens quite a lot but when a cookie has a short ingredient list and a delicious name – it really stands out!!!

These cookies are tropical paradise – unlike those sincerely delicious chocolate cookies which require a large glass of Nutella Milk (since I simply detest ordinary milk and everything tastes better when Nutella is involved), these coconut bombs require a large tropical smoothie, maybe a non-alcoholic Pina Colada pineapple crush served with pineapple pulp and crushed ice. Yea, that’s it.

41Why? Why would I serve it as such?
Because these cookies do not consist of butter, eggs sugar and flour. They are not the usual heaviness (good heaviness) which comes with cookies and therefore need to be eaten with a drink which refreshes and rejuvenates as well as makes you think of surfs, beaches and shiny, sunny days – a good picture for the upcoming Christmas vacation no?

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Less Than 2 Minutes = Nutella Muffin

Still sick today!!! And I missed out giving Ms D her melting moments at her surprise party 😦

And just now, I had a Nutella craving – but seriously, who can be bothered to whip up Nutella brownies or Nutella crème brulee or something! Forgive me Bell’Alimento but not all of us have a Nutella cooking gene of creativity!!!

So then I thought and pondered and definitely wanted more than just banana in Nutella or spoon in Nutella (hehehe…) and then it hit me! I had a single muffin – no, sorry, a SINGLE LADY muffin recipe stored away after a long scour through healthy dessert addict, Chocolate Covered Katie’s, blog.
What I loved about her posts on these muffins was that they were healthy as sin with just about no sugar (1 tbs sugar is how much people put in their coffee or something!) or sugar substitutes, no butter (which I continued in my adapted recipe) and basically nothing which can cast your thighs in the spotlight while still delivering a sneaky hit – cool huh?

11Best part was that it was a microwave recipe and I love microwave recipes! If you are sick and sore but want something a bit more extravagant look no further than here folks – this takes even less time than the 5 minute chocolate cake recipe!!!

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When Nutella Soothes Pain

Yes, yes I know it ALWAYS soothes pain. And today was no exception.

You see, I have a beautiful new phone and it refuses to sync with iTunes. My back up, songs etc. etc . are failing to back up.
I am a stressy person when it comes to these things in life.
Put two and two together and you will see that I am currently in quite the possition!!!

So I went to my trusty Nutella jar and ate a sandwich (bananas toasted with nutella in bread is quite the thing to usually perk me up)

Didn’t work – needed more Nutella and *GASP* pantry was empty. No this is not really a surprise since I refrain from buying too much Nutella due to my immense love for it.

So I thought and thought and with the banana brain food (I know it is a healthy sandwich deep down!) and remembered an idea I thought of a while back – Nutella Milk.

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