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Elvis Meets Oreo at the Bottom of a Black Cupcake

What was so great about Elvis? Was it his oozing charm or his gel oozing quiff? Was it the fact that he could waggle his hips probably better than a lot of girls? Was it his, um, radical dance moves? Was it his voice which was so deep and melodious, it still makes you to want to glide with it?

Yeah, I think the answer is all of the above. He was after all The King. Full stop, no questions asked. But another thing he was famous for, a very well known thing actually (especially amongst us foodies) was his love for a special sandwich.

To be precise (ahem, Thomson without a ‘p’), a very special sandwich.


A sandwich slathered in peanut butter, overflowing with sliced banana and crispy fried bacon before the whole sandwich itself  was fried again in hot butter on a pan or griddle. Sounds a little, um, out there but these days everything is. In those days, nothing was except Elvis and what Elvis did was made law so this sandwich now still bears his name today – nice one 😀

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A Sandwich Press’s Dream

There once upon a time was a little sandwich press. For all intents and purposes, let us name this sandwich press Susie (since let’s be honest, can you be bothered to type sandwich press every time?)

Susie lived in a moderately sized kitchen with all her other kitchen friends and she should have been happy. After all, she was regularly used (though the competition between her and the focaccia maker was quite intense) and she was well maintained and cleaned. But poor Susie wasn’t. She had a secret. The poor thing loved sweets!!

51Now being a sandwich maker, she got stuffed with bread, and *god forbid* ingredients like capsicum, tapenade, cheese, tomatoes – as far from sweet as one can possibly get! Once, a little girl who was obsessed with Nutella did make a Nutella-Banana grilled sandwich – but she used the focaccia maker and not Susie! (Susie, if you are reading this, I am so sorry!)

She longed to be with the oven, the grill and even the microwave! To feel caramelised sugar and give a little *ping* when a cake was ready and to let off an aroma that didn’t scream savoury. She was quite distraught and the thought that her dreams of being part of a baking league would never come true made her cry.

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Finale: Chocolate Chip Based Baking Week

So this is it my friends.
My Chocolate Chip Baking Week is officially FINISHED!

What have I learnt from baking cookie after cookie after ice cream after cookie?

  1. You can never have enough cookies
  2. Every contestant is a winner in its own way
  3. It really depends on your taste that makes for the ultimate, divine, revered ‘perfect chocolate chip cookie’


Throughout this week, on basically a daily basis, I experienced crunchy, chewy, crispy, soft, ultra soft, slightly doughy, thick, cakey chocolate chip cookies. Each one, although different in so many areas, always left a sweet lingering comfort in my mouth and an addictive aftertaste which made me cookie, after cookie, after cookie.

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 10: Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is warning: For those looking for another ice cream machine using, creamy, dreamy dessert in this post, let me promptly link you to here. For those looking for a recipe that is quite out of the ordinary, please stay and read on 🙂 When I found this recipe on Picky Palate, I was intrigued for sure but definitely not surprised since fabulous food blogger Jenny comes up with random, delicious creations all the time! Looking through this recipe, she basically omitted some sugar and purposely lacked some liquid-y ingredients in order to make way for the batter to include a nice big heap of ice cream in it. Yes, imagine eating cool and refreshing and creamy ice cream but in dough form. 319Sounds heavenly? Tastes heavenly – something I should know by the many spoonfuls small tastes I sneaked throughout the stirring and mixing process. Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Baking Week 8: Malted Milk Powder Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know it says published 19th December but here in Aus it is the 20th – how time travel style, Doctor Who cool is that!

Sorry, but being the child I am, I sometimes have to let all my pent up festive excitement out (as seen through the way I devour fruit mince pies, tear open presents in a frenzy, adore the secrets of Kris Kringle and love watching Christmas themed reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch…)

Back to the post now…

216What is malted milk powder? On stumbling on this chocolate chip cookie recipe, that was the first thing that hit me. See, Australia is kind of a baking goods hole a.k.a you can find no toffee chips, or Reese’s special hot fudge topping etc. unless you go to specialty shops in the city or further beyond. No wonder I had never heard of this thing before!

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 7: Thick And Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am asking you a very personal question – have you ever had that dream where you are eating a giant marshmallow but on waking, are actually chewing on your pillow? No?

Good because obviously neither have I. But I believe now that should I ever happen to have this dream (stranger things have happened, I assure you!), it won’t be a giant, fluffy marshmallow I am devouring. It will be this cookie, only ultra mega-sized.

215I kid you not, this cookie has simply taken up the position as winner of the Thick and Cakey section as if it was born to be there. And as its name suggests, it obviously was. When you bite into one of these darlings, it feels as if your teeth are chomping through a never ending bite of soft, chewy cookie dough pillow. It delivers twice the POW of a normal cookie due to the extraordinary thickness.

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 6: Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else”

My latest obsession of a song, it totally conveys my emotions felt towards this ice cream. Ever since formal, this song has been running through my head on repeat and when I made this ice cream, I felt like screaming this song into the sky. No joke.
The only difference is that this song definitely knows it’s beautiful. It ain’t looking at the ground (that would be sacrilege) and it doesn’t have hair to flip (uh, gross?) and boy, can everyone in the room see that it is beautiful.

63Needless to say, this has kicked out the delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes out of the ‘Most Creative Chocolate Chip Dough/Cookie’ category because, honestly, I don’t think anything could ever compete. Or, perhaps eating this ice cream on top of the Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes could 😛

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 4: Eggless White Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

Being Indian, I know many people who have an aversion to eggs – whether it be religious or personal choice. My own mother hounds me day after day due to the stench of ‘egg’ in the kitchen on freshly washed dishes. So I decided, for fun, to pop in an eggless chocolate chip cookie recipe – and there is no doubt that this recipe is a keeper.

While it would not be a grand prize winner in any of my categories, this is a really good practical recipe, easy to make desserts from as a base for example like: a Philadelphia style homemade ice cream sandwich, for those unable to eat egg – remember that aunty who can’t eat egg?

213Unlike the past chocolate chip cookie recipes made in this week already, these have a very crackly appearance due to the lack of binding agent and also have a crunchy, sugary exterior hiding a soft and chewy and utterly divine interior – similar to the brown sugar chocolate chip cookies but not that extent of softness.

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 2: Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies

No elements of thin and crispy in this cookie, I assure you! These cookies were chewy heaven and so soft, that the term ‘melt in mouth’ kind of took on a new meaning. Unlike the Mrs Field’s version of yesterday which had a crispy outer layer and chewy inner and didn’t win a placing (though it was delicious nonetheless), this cookie is:


  • Winner of the ‘Soft and Chewy’ category so far, kicking out the divine but no longer placed White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie
  • Thick and initially very puffy but without a ‘cakey’ texture so common in thick cookies – this was all chewy, soft puff which did deflate on cooling (an indent for Nutella in my case at one stage :))

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 1: Mrs Field’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

What makes Mrs Field’s Cookies so fabulous? Is it the soft and chewy factor, the delicious always-freshly-baked smell it gives off or the abundance of chocolate chip cookies? Personally, although they are not my favourite chocolate chip cookie in the marketplace, I think it is that sweet sugary crunch you get with each bite, reminiscent of eating cookie dough where the sugar has not caramelised.

47I was desperately trying to find a recipe for her chocolate chip cookies for this week – it was nowhere on the internet but this site claimed this recipe was legitimate. So I made this recipe and oh my gosh, they were much loved, much revered and had these qualities of the REAL chocolate chip cookie so globally loved:

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