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CCU Undercover: Moo Gourmet Burgers

After the last classy, sophisticated walk through the sands, CCU needed a break. She came home that night to a dimly lit apartment, her stomach full and her food heart (yes, she has two hearts, one for loving food and one for loving people) content.

She kicked off her high heels, wishing for ugg boots and jeans on her next outing. ‘Who needs evening dresses?’ she thought to herself, though deep down it was her exhaustion speaking.

Slumped, she fell asleep only to dream of the most perfect burger. Soft, fluffy with a filling so fresh, McDonald’s could legitimately be sued.
And now she shares her quest of finding and enjoying this dream burger with you all in another:

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June Foodie Pen Pals + A Perfect Cookie

I may be republishing a few old posts from the past (this being one of them), soΒ please just ignore the notifications you will get via email) – sorry about that! If this message does not start the post, then consider it to be a new one πŸ™‚


Update: Sorry if my blog looks a little weird but the side bar that is usually directly next to my posts is right at the bottom of my page including the subscribe area, the categories etc. It will NOT for some reason appear next to my blogs and looks awful so as I try to contact wordpress.com incessantly without starting forum and actually just emailing them, I’m sorry you will have to deal with it! If any of you can help, please do πŸ˜€

I know it is a little late but voila,my package finally arrived so here is my June Foodie Pen Pals πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ – So exciting right?

Sorry, what is Foodie Pen Pals?

Foodie Pen Pals is a food exchange program started by the wonderful Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean between both foodie bloggers and food lovers in the US and Canada. She has forever been extending this project, now including the UK and recently, doing special exchanges across the Southern Hemisphere πŸ˜€

I was allowed to try it for one month and I was absolutely thrilled. Shopping for and waiting for food? how could it possibly get better right?

The wonderful Natt over at In Need Of Natt got my name for this exchange and it was absolutely wonderful πŸ˜€
Living in South Korea, the home of sweet and cute, she sent me a parcel determined to break any diets and pacts I had with dry bread and water (which I actually never made ;))

So here goes – yes, there was a little translation problem but hey, she is vegan and understands my vegetarianism so I know everything is sweet and beautifully meat free! Of course, I cannot have tasted everything by now (actually I could but mum worries about cavities and stuff ;)), so here is my wonderful parcel unwrapped – thank you so so much Natt πŸ˜€

These were some totally awesome Korean version of Skittles – yum!
And cute packaging right>

Ummm… this one will be a surprise when I open it but I think there is some kind of chocolate involved and seeds because of the birds πŸ˜€
Or mini chocolate eggs? πŸ˜‰

A plethora of lollipops πŸ˜€
Who can resist apple, strawberry, cola or what I would assume, bubblegum?

If you shake it, it rattles like popping candy πŸ˜‰

Sunflowers seeds! I can totally read πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

These are like chocolate freckles but instead of hundreds and thousands, there are small pearl-like balls stuck on – cute right? πŸ˜€

And now we get into the chocolate load up – love you Natt, know me way too well πŸ˜€

Can’t go wrong, so smooth, silky and smooth πŸ˜€

These next 2 bars, I am pretty sure they are chocolate, one grape and one peanut πŸ˜€ – Cool combos right?

Thanks again Natt, it was brilliant and I am sure as I quickly slowly progress, I will enjoy every minute! And your note was so wonderful too!

Want to join Lindsay’s awesome global village foodie project? Visit this page to find out all the info and sign up soon πŸ˜€
I love making friends around the world, as corny as that sounds πŸ˜‰


As much as I am sure I overloaded you all with food, I simply HAD to share a cookie recipe I recently made up – its highly chocolatey, thin-nish and very addictive so if you are in the mood for nice and simple, leave (or stay and bookmark for another day :D)
Due to my lack of desserts, this is one filled with my favourite things – white chocolate, Nutella, hazelnuts, brown butter πŸ˜€
Making this for an outing with friends, it is only coincidence that they like these things too (why else are we friends ;))

They are so soft and so beautifully melt-in-mouth, you will never be able to stop at one (assured!)
Also just be a little weary… I may or may not have smudged the white chocolate chip while putting them on top of the cookies… oops πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the recipe my friends!

Brown Butter Hazelnutella Chip Cookies

Recipe Inspiration: Love And Olive Oil

Makes: 24


  • 113g butter, salted
  • 6 tbs caster sugar
  • 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
  • 2/3 cup Nutella
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1/2 tsp coffee essence
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1/2 cup hazelnut meal (ground hazelnuts)
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 cup mini white chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Line 2 baking sheets with baking paper
  2. Brown butter over medium heat until it is frothy and has a nutty smell to it. As soon as a brown colour, remove from heat and coll for 5 minutes
  3. Stir in both sugars
  4. Mix in Nutella spread (because the mixture is warm, it will melt the Nutella into batter)
  5. Beat in egg then both essences
  6. In a large bowl, sift together flour, baking soda and hazelnut meal and whisk to combine
  7. Gently fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients until the mixture is smooth and combined
  8. Using a tsp, drop dollops of dough onto the baking sheet, keep them 4-ish cm apart
  9. Slightly flatten them with a knife and bake for 6-7 minutes or until set
  10. While cooling on tray, quickly press in white chocolate chips on top, as many as desire per cookie
  11. Transfer to a cooling and rack and cooling completely
  12. Fill with extra Nutella, make ice cream sandwiches and eat away πŸ™‚

See, see did I not tell you these would be addictive? Here are a few more shots to get you in the indulgent mood πŸ˜‰
Work that cookie!

These cookies have been linked to Zesty South Indian Kitchen’s Favourite Recipes Event – so much fun and Swathi hosts a diffrent one each month! This month, obviously, it is cookies πŸ˜€

Oh, and before I forget, to all those in the US, Happy 4th of July, I am really enjoying all your festive posts πŸ˜€
And a belated Happy Canada Day to the maple syrup gurus!

CCU Undercover + A Wannabe Gozleme

This song is the most adequate to start this post with πŸ™‚

Donned in her evening gown, her earrings swinging, she clutched her… clutch, walking determinedly in her high heels though they slipped in the sand. She could hear the Bedouin camp’s music, the smell of musky incense drawing her in as she came closer.

She held her phone to her heart, her only resource to secretly document every manoeuver, mistake and perfection. Finally, she pulled back the silken flaps of the camp, heavy gold cords holding them loosely shut to immerse herself in the world of rich wines and exotic foods.

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Here’s S’more Irony

UPDATE 30th June: Sorry guys but my Food Buzz sharing does not seem to be working completely so I may not be able to comment on all the blogs I usually do – sorry about that! Hope it will be fixed soon πŸ™‚

HIIIIII, GUESS WHO IS ON HOLIDAYZZZZZ (yeah, I’m kind of cool enough to put ‘z’ instead of ‘s’ :P)

smores stuff 15Do you want to know what this means? Like Joey would say ‘Yeah, you do!’ This means I will be posting just about every second day. Yea, lots more chocolate recipes for you πŸ™‚
You want to know why? Because I can πŸ™‚

You know what else? Already, I have revamped my recipe index – why? Because I can πŸ˜€

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Story Time, Story Time!

No, I am not a little child excited to be put to sleep by hearing Cinderella’s fairytale. I am excited to tell YOU all a very Indian story today!
For once (mind you, once only ;)), you do not have to bear my atrociaous plot lines like here and here because I am going to share with you one of my favourite stories EVER which is just so appropriate for what I have made to share with you all today!

It’s from an Indian comic book that I must have gotten maybe when I was 8-9 and kept for another 8, almost 9 years now (scary thought!) πŸ˜€
They are funny, classic and witty and I just can’t help but love them – I hope you do too!!!

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Third Time Lucky For Mother’s Day 2012

We all get those days. Days where your toothpaste gets in your hair, where the hot water runs out just as your about to wash your waist-length hair and you miss the bus to school or work.

mini cupcakes 16
It’s those days where we often need to depression eat, shop, cry – sometimes all three. But more often than not, just before delving into that hot fudge brownie sundae after maxing out three credit cards, someone will come up to you and take your hand. Someone will take you, sit you down in a plush chair and just look at you until your pour your heart out.

And then they will sympathise, tell you the truth, smile weirdly at you for worrying over anything so small and give you a hug, before giving you a piece of brownie.

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I ‘Oat’ To Get Into Shape

Sorry about that pun, but with all the oats I have just used over the past couple of days, it was really coming πŸ˜‰

You remember my post from Sunday, also known as my last post to date?
You remember how it was all about my new love affair with cranberries? Well, Valentines may have come and gone, but nothing will extinguish how I feel about this gorgeous red fruit. All dried and pink, all red and round – either way, it is my new favourite πŸ˜€

210Sorry that really had nothing to do with this post – I was just once again putting out there how much those wonderful berries mean to me πŸ™‚

Anyways let’s go back to yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away (that’s a lie, I am talking about Saturday ;)). I had an epiphany after seeing a post on the wonderful Averie’s site and it lef to me making a revamped version of her wonderful Blueberry Banana Microwave Oat Cakes. Why?

76Because I epiphanised (it is not a word mind you)

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A Third Liebster + A Super Chewy, Super Tasty, Super Sugarless Treat

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the support shown in regards to my last post. I feel much better now and know that there were a couple of slightly off points in that post. But you (and cheesecake) always make me feel better πŸ™‚
For now, it is touchwood and good thoughts all the way.

Secondly, I am very very very happy to announce that I have received a third Liebster Award πŸ˜€
This time from the wonderful Little Housewife – This lady is the epitome of perfection. All her posts make me want to devour the computer screen but I really doubt I would get the flavour of her wonderful baking that way. Kind, sweet and with a fantastic sense of humour, she is like a baking idol!

blog award
To see the rules of this award, you can go to my first award post – not because I am lazy but it is actually quite a bit to rewrite out and my copy and paste is a little hazy on my computer (I actually did not know a problem such as that was possible ;))


So here are 5 people I would like to recognise as winners in blogging πŸ˜€

  1. The Unorthodox Epicure – Funny, awesome and a brilliant chef – there is really nothing else to say when it comes this guy’s fabulous blog πŸ™‚
  2. Pasta Princess And More – I don’t know about you all, but ‘Pasta Princess’ is one of the coolest blog names I have ever heard πŸ˜€ – and on top of that, she can cook savoury and sweet to the boot!
  3. Simple Gluten Free Kitchen – Balvinder is one of the sweetest bloggers around – one of my first and top blogging friends, she is absolutely a delight and her recipes are truly made to fall in love with!
  4. Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes – Heather is one very talented chef – her ideas are unique and delicious and each time I visit her blog, she inspires me so much!
  5. Eliot’s Eats – I am not sure how many times I have sat and gone through the wonderful recipes on this blog – Sweet, savoury, delicious, more delicious – This wonderful couple make everything!

Congratulations to all you fantastic bloggers, it is much deserved πŸ™‚


Now this will be a short post with a recipe that I made myself. *Applause* *Applause* πŸ˜›

I was looking all over for a healthy muesli bar recipe. I was looking for something filled with nuts, oats and cereals which could fill me up while I was studying and keep me focused (are you not proud) – I researched brands initially but I can eat all those preservatives in store-bought pastry and be healthier! And looking around on the web, I was not interested in recipes containing 1/2 cups of brown sugar and butter. Emphasis on the healthy aspect. So I decided to make my own. And I am pretty happy.

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Baking Impulsively Means Eating Compulsively

Everyone, get ready to gasp – what in the world is a senior student who has her university life hanging by a thread according to her studies at high school in her senior years doing posting on the first day of a school week? Shock, horror, the world is coming to an end – why, she should be hitting those maths text book which weigh heavier than a computer and bustling around researching haemoglobin or something as such.

Oops, oh well, I think I will survive since I am that senior in question πŸ˜‰

41You may remember that a couple of weeks back I had a Nutella Baking Week. Good times right? Well, I mentioned that I would be unavailable for World Nutella Day and it was true, I was supposed to be but sometimes things happen and you come home one day too early (she is taking holidays too? For shame! :P) – this was the case with me and finishing all my homework happened first (I am not a complete female version of that rebel without a cause you know) and then even after driving, having time to whip up a little Nutella snack. Well, a snack I didn’t follow the recipe at all too πŸ™‚ – Gotta love impulsive forgot-to-print-recipe cooking aye?

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Elvis Meets Oreo at the Bottom of a Black Cupcake

What was so great about Elvis? Was it his oozing charm or his gel oozing quiff? Was it the fact that he could waggle his hips probably better than a lot of girls? Was it his, um, radical dance moves? Was it his voice which was so deep and melodious, it still makes you to want to glide with it?

Yeah, I think the answer is all of the above. He was after all The King. Full stop, no questions asked. But another thing he was famous for, a very well known thing actually (especially amongst us foodies) was his love for a special sandwich.

To be precise (ahem, Thomson without a ‘p’), a very special sandwich.


A sandwich slathered in peanut butter, overflowing with sliced banana and crispy fried bacon before the whole sandwich itselfΒ  was fried again in hot butter on a pan or griddle. Sounds a little, um, out there but these days everything is. In those days, nothing was except Elvis and what Elvis did was made law so this sandwich now still bears his name today – nice one πŸ˜€

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