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“Too Much Fun” Hangover

Just before I start, I really would appreciate a few guest posts for my exam period in November! Email me at gobakeyourself@yahoo.com.au if you are interested, I would LOVE to feature you all 😀


Ok lovely people, you know how my posts usually go on and on and on for days on end? This post is going to be like that because I. Am. Exhausted.

Beyond exhausted, keeping my eyes open is actually quite a feat right now. Not even kidding!

Why? Because I have just had my uni break (only a week, mind you!) and instead of catching up on all the work I promised myself I would, I have been the time of my life.

Hence the exhaustion.

Let’s see now, shall we? There was the visit to Three Williams to kick off the holidays. Back then, I was still like ‘I have a week to do all my assignments and readings, I will be fine!’ – Funny. I didn’t really start working till Saturday…

Jokes, Sunday. As in, two days ago. And now I am writing my post so you can see I have progressed far 😛 But anyways

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CCU Undercover: Three Williams

CCU got off at the wrong bus stop. Typical. What else would you expect from a girl with a big reliance on google maps, a lack of direction and a stomach that had barely been fed since breakfast.

Huffing and puffing, but blowing down no houses, she marched up Elizabeth St. Then down it. Then up again… where was she going? Finally, her google maps gave her a little relief and started working again, leading her to the cafe.

Classically of course, she almost missed it. But that iconic symbol caught her thank GOD and she hustled her way down the steps and into the sweet smelling paradise.

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The Procrasti-Baker

Guys, it is a bittersweet time! After sharing with you wonderful salad recipes and no-bake lemon bars, the #undergradstudentbloggers link up party initiated by Ala @Wallflour Girl is finally coming to a close!

You have read about how we never have enough to eat, how we never have time to do… well.. anything… and now? How we waste all the time that we do have.

Going out with a bang mes cheris, welcome to the final segment magnifying in on the lives of undergrad/grad university students all over the world! Remember to check out all the links after reading for the ultimate student blogger series experience 🙂

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CCU Undercover: Sofitel, Brisbane

CCU would like to believe that she was more than justified in splurging her savings on having a very pampered and luxurious stay at this hotel while up in Brisbane for the Australian Eat Drink Blog Conference. Of course, that is when she actually had the time to enjoy, as there was so much going on!

She could still remember the plush bathrobe, the silken sheets…

And here she was, back at home, typing away with an old ratty jumper and some tatty slippers on her feet..Why must the luxury life end????

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Tell Me About JAG Australia?


Well, since you have asked, how could I possibly refuse right? Thanks to Garlos JAG , I was asked to try out their new service. JAG is one of the newest, most innovative ways of earning a few extra treats on the side for doing not very much.

The basic gist is: Earn points by watching advertisements. Keep earning those points till you have enough. And then BAM! Don’t get hit by a bus (Phoebe from Friends reference there if you got it!), but convert those points into gift cards!

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CCU Undercover: Embossed Rolling Pins @ Bezalel Art Shop

review title

There are time when I get emails that don’t just make me happy. They make me grin, throw my hands around a little and get super excited! Well, I was getting off the bus after a slog of a day at uni, and BAM! What should light up my day… night… like an email from Denis Savelyev, owner of the Bezalel Art Shop @ Etsy.com.

For those living under their rocks. Etsy houses creators of all sorts, ranging from specialty outfit to customised iPhone cases, to just about anything artsy, hipster and beyond your usual ‘Homemaker’ shops. They bring ‘vintage‘ to a whole new level, often shipping worldwide.


Denis exemplifies this, by being the creator of not only handcrafted earrings and pendants in unusual, innovative designs, but of the vogue new trend;

Embossed Rolling Pins.

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CCU Undercover: Sushi Train, Dee Why

CCU makes no secret of the fact that she is IN LOVE with Japanese cuisine. What started out as a small, harmless infatuation, grew into a desire for sushi every night instead of roti and curry. Sigh… the pains of separation.

But due to these limitations of eating Japanese food at home, she tried her absolute utmost to eat it whenever she went out. Oh for the taste of soy sauce dribbling down a jasmine-rice stuffed seaweed roll.

Sigh… But at this particular Sushi Train she visited, she got a whole lot more Japanese cuisine than she anticipated…

review title

Enter Dee Why. A cute little town located on the beach a 1/2 hr drive from the city, and a solid 1 hr drive from my suburb. Quaint and cute, the majority of the town’s shops are located along one central strip. Bounce through them, going from Thai, to Indian, to Subway, and suddenly, you arrive at Sushi Train. Yes, I know the majority of sushi selling Japanese restaurants are sushi trains, but this one really was called just that.

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CCU Undercover: Red Lantern On Riley

CCU was really starting to forget how to bake. She had thought ‘Holidays will end, and my kitchen shall come alive!’

Instead, what came alive was her car, stomach and wallet. Everyday, every night, whether it be for the world cup or for her friends, she is out.

Sometimes she wonders how she has the time to breathe! On her many adventures, in only the past week alone, one of the many places she has visited was Red Lantern On RileyWhat even is Vietnamese food?, she pondered to herself.

She was in for a very pleasant surprise…

review title


Red Lantern On Riley is a wonderful place. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this restaurant. It is neither pretentious, nor is it snooty in any way, despite its popularity and wonderful reputation. Unassuming restaurant, to the side of a quiet street (Riley St :P), you would not actually notice it much unless you knew you were looking for it.



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CCU Undercover: Full Moon Thai w/ Menulog + Giveaway Announcements (Closed)

CCU was not in the mood to go out. She just was feeling lazy, tired and hungry. I do believe (and I quote) she said something along the lines of ‘It’s my exams, I don’t have to do nothing.’  Spoiled little person that she is. But then she had a fabulous idea of epic proportions – why not ORDER IN!! It is so innovative, she honestly should have patented it or something, looking back.. 😛 Now… what is the best way to order in without making it a hassle? Of course… Menulog review title

 We all have those days where eating out is not an option. It may be raining buckets and you are out of electricity, or it could be just a simple I-don’t-leave-the-house kind of matter, like there was with me. And of course at the same time, you can’t be bothered to cook.

Instead of curling up into a little ball, whimpering with hunger, than eating a bag of chips till I fell asleep, I decided to be a bit more pro-active, and hopped online (yes, that is my pro-active approach :D)

Have you all heard of Menulog before? I certainly hope you have as otherwise, you are missing out!! Established for users all over Australia, this website features over 3,500 restaurants to choose from for easy ordering, whether it be pick-up or delivery! Quite literally, Menulog makes take-away super simple, allowing easy access to a range of different restaurants, and offering special discounts and promotions on the side as well!


I think, quite honestly, the hardest part of using Menulog was trying to decide a restaurant actually! Should I go for Italian, with a touch of Chinese on the side, or perhaps go for Thai Food. As usual, and if you know me you should see this coming – Thai food won. 😛

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